small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on March 1, 2009

abstract___concrete-norman-rockwellThere is so much in this world to see. How often do we stop to look? There was a story about a famous musician who was playing on the streets in a big city. The music filled the streets and the ears of the people walking by, yet few stopped to listen. This musician’s concerts cost a lot of money to go to, and he was playing for free! Yet few slowed to take it in.

I am pretty sure I would be one of the few who would keep walking. I need to make sure I know my plan for the day, get there on time, and be ready for the next thing. I wouldn’t think to stop and listen to a song when I have so many other ‘pressing’ issues to tend to.

This painting reminded me of how important it is to stop and look. Those people on the busy streets missed a free concert from a talented musician. This man would have missed something extraordinary from this painting. WE might miss the silent wispers of God…


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