small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day

why so serious

on March 3, 2009


I am curious to know how many times in our lives we have made a face similar to this one. Where everything we think we know disappears and all we are left with is one, simple, silent expression. This face can tell more than any words. Is this child in trouble? Has he seen something he never thought he would? Maybe something else is seeing him…

It is also interesting how he seems to have forgotten about the surroundings. His belongings have fallen out of his hands. Even if he is scared, nervous, or unsure…why does he just stand there? Why do WE just stand there when something hits us unexpectedly. Is the silent expression and frozen body supposed to help us escape? I think it it curious how in the moments when we most want to run we are somehow unable to do the very action our whole being wants to do. It is like we accidentily hit the ‘stun’ button and forget how to deselect.

I only hope that when presented with a scare like this child I will have the strength to move.


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