small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on August 28, 2010

After my last post I felt moved to continue on my quest to notice the small things and appreciate them. Here they are from Friday.

*I received a letter from my new snail mail pen pal. Her words brought tears of joy to my eyes.
*I could see the big dipper over the movie screen as I sat on the ground next to my husband in an old drive-in movie theater
*The man at the gelato shop talked with me a little about Italy. Oh how I love Italy.
*I found the perfect case for my make-up.
*Skype is awesome, especially talking to my mom and youngest brother while trying to play an online game.

I think I’m going to like this blog thing.


3 responses to “8.27.10

  1. Resa says:

    I think it’s awesome you are noticing all of these amazing things in you life. So much of our time is focused on what we are doing and doing it as efficiently as possible that we miss and dismiss all the little things around us. I am at “work” right now, and was catching up with blogs and facebook and Emily and Pete (It was on Kelly Schwallers page) did this amazing thing. They took a picture (well several most likely) and posted it for 365 days. I think that is an amazing idea, it forces you to get out and look around you for that great image for the day. I might copy them and see what the world shows me. I believe between these two ideas you guys have stirred more in my heart that I could have in the past 24 hours. I miss you and appreciate that even in a different city and by only reading blogs you can inspire and move me into action. I can’t wait to see you Thursday night!!!


    • silentharmony says:

      I loved Pete and Emily’s blog! I caught it on the tail end but it was still awesome. They are both so talented. I’m so glad you were inspired! You will have to share what you learn from your new project 🙂 Yeah, you’re going to be here in less than a week. I can’t even explain to you my exhilaration!


  2. Ellen says:

    Soo glad I got to be a part of two of those things with you today. It is such a joy having you up here, Kari. I hope we can continue our adventures and find joy in doing nothing. 🙂


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