small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day

let it rain

on September 2, 2010

This morning I woke up to my favorite sound. No, not my husband snoring, although thats enjoyable. The pitter patter of rain was hitting my window. YES! It has been so long since we’ve had rain here and I was beginning to miss it. Rain is one of those little things I take for granted. Sometimes it even is an inconvenience and can be annoying. But really, rain is incredible. So today I decided to really enjoy the rain. I didn’t bring an umbrella when I went to mass or to the grocery store. When I took the trash out I walked extra slow just to feel the rain drops on my head. It reminded me of a scene from the movie Pleasantville where the people of the town first experience rain and they open their mouths to taste it, run around, and simply enjoy. Or from the movie Singin’ in the Rain. Next time it rains I’m going to recreate that musical number…

So anyway, today I saw the beauty in rain, something that seems so normal that I overlook.

A few other things about today I noticed:

*There was a man at mass this morning who had a beautiful voice. The best part, it was at least 2 octaves lower than mine. So cool!

*Tennis shoes lady was there again, sporting the skirt and tennis shoes look. Still great with her priorities!

*I bought fresh flowers and put a vase in the middle of our dining room table. I smile everytime I walk by.

*Cleaning the apartment was thearaputic. I wouldn’t choose this activity but I have two friends coming to visit this weekend so everything has to look great!

Do a little dance in the rain soon if you can, it definitely is one of the small things in life that is bigger than we think!


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