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the wind through the trees

on September 6, 2010

I have not updated in the past few days because two of my friends were visiting this weekend. My time was definitely devoted to them!

As we went through the weekend I noticed the same little thing throughout. The wind. It was more like a breeze all weekend, but I noticed it each day. I love how this weekend especially, noticing that one little thing helped me to notice others.

On Friday my friends and I were walking through Notre Dame’s campus and stopped at the grotto. The grotto is a replica of the grotto in Lourdes, France, where Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette. The water at that grotto is said to have healing power, and many miracles have come from that place. The grotto on campus is about 1/7 the size of the one in Lourdes and it is a beautiful, peaceful site. We were sitting on a bench by the grotto and I saw the wind moving through the trees making a nice rustling sound. It was so relaxing and helped me to realize I was sitting among so many people walking around, kneeling at the grotto, lighting candles, and praying. I then began wondering what all those people might be praying for. It was so cool to be there at that moment, feeling connected to all those people I didn’t know. Thanks, wind, for allowing me to see that.

Saturday was Football Craziness. The wind showed me a lot that day. First off it reminded me that sometimes you need to wear more clothing when it is 50 degrees at 8am. Oops! It brought the smell from Joy’s Johns (that’s right, they’re not Johnny on the Spot like I’m used to) which was great. Because of the chilly air we rejoiced when the sun came out. What a small but so vital reason to be excited! The breeze felt amazing across our faces as we walked through campus and listened to the band play and march through the buildings and lines of people. It kept me focused on the game as well as the absolutely packed stadium. I looked all over and all I could see was faces. It is amazing how similar people look when you’re looking at so many. The sea of green across the stadium was also a sight to behold. The wind also reminded me I should throw my trash away because as we were leaving cups, napkins, and many other things were flying everywhere! And watch out for leftover nacho cheese. Thank you, Notre Dame, for providing a great place to enjoy a Saturday.

Sunday was full of small things, not as much breeze related. Although the best part about going to mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on campus, besides the beautiful music, is feeling the freezing cold air flow through the vents in various parts of the church. That breeze can be dangerous if you’re walking by with a skirt. I’ve learned from past experiences to walk around 🙂 We were able to eat amazing sweet potato fries, share our meal with a picture of Lou Holtz on our table, play some crazy games of Ticket to Ride and 3D Blokus, and spend time in great conversation with each other. I loved the small conversations that happened throughout the weekend. Oh, the best part of Sunday was running around the football field in front of the NCAA College Football Hall of Fame. We were laughing like little girls. Thank you, Hall of Fame, for taking us back to our childhood.

So, in a nutshell, this weekend was fabulous. So many little things put together to create a great time of fellowship, fun, and lasting memories. Thank you, friends, for coming to visit!

I will type at you all again soon. Happy Labor Day.


One response to “the wind through the trees

  1. Resa says:

    Lou would have been very proud of the way we played football on the hall of fame grass!!!

    Thanks for a fantastic and memorable weekend!!!



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