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oh toto, we’re not in kansas anymore

on September 8, 2010

Here they are for today, the small things, in not so mall words…

ST1: I met Lassie and Toto on my walk around the neighborhood. Lassie watched me while Toto followed for a block, then their owner must have noticed and yelled for them to come back inside. Toto stopped and stared at me longingly. I think he knew I was from Kansas.

ST2: The magnetic attraction between a screw and screwdriver is pretty helpful when putting pieces of furniture together. Our new kitchen cart looks great because of this. Genius I tell you, genius!

ST3: I made my own marinade today. For those of you who really know me, you are probably shocked that I even know what that is. It was so easy, and yummy too. It was 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup orange juice, 4 tsp minced garlic, 1 T lemon pepper, 1/2Tablespoon salt. It got husband approval, although he didn’t have lunch today so I think anything would have been good for him! I am amazed at how excited I am that I made it, gotta love the small things.

ST4: We drank Apple wine with dinner. My husband made it himself, and it tastes delicious! I can’t wait for our raspberry wine and blueberry wine to be ready, but it will be months till we can even bottle them. I guess we’ll be enjoying Apple wine until then 🙂

ST5: Right now my husband and I are chillin’ in bed. He’s reading the 2nd book in the Percy Jackson series (which I LOVE) and I’m typing to all of you. Its amazing how much I love spending time with him in this way. How did we ever do long distance for a year and a half? God’s grace for sure.

ST6: This one is actually growing to become much bigger than I thought. My joblessness has been affecting me in many ways, good and bad. I recently got married and moved to Indiana and because of that I don’t have a job.  Basically I’ve been bummed out that I have a master’s degree in education, I’d been teaching in a great school for four years, and now I’m spending my days doing what I feel is nothing. Every time I drive by a school I get a little teary eyed and sad that I’m not with kids, sharing my knowledge with them. Needless to say it has been quite the rollercoaster. But for about a week I had been reading  about conquering sadness and it totally changed my point of view on the matter. It talked about how sadness does a lot of harm to the soul and has its origin in pride. Yikes! It stinks to admit that I’m prideful, but I know I am. I’m the best prideful person there is (ha, you can laugh at that if you’d like). But the kicker is that it is harming my soul. My sadness was affecting the deepest parts of me, and the people around me, especially my husband. I don’t like that! So I tried to figure out what I should do to fix it, so I kept reading. Here is the good stuff. “God’s plans do not usually match with our plans, which are largely fabricated by our own imagination…they are the best plans we could possibly imagine, though at times they can upset us.” YEAH. I am upset I’m not doing things the way I had always thought I would…and then it goes on…”Live becomes full of joy and peace as the result of our complete abandonment to the will of God.” Ok, really? I’m just supposed to say its up to God? In a sense, yes, but I also need to actively wait for his plan to unfold. I then decided I need to make a purpose for each day and continue to pursue job options, knowing that He will lead me. Peacefulness immediately came when I knew I wasn’t the only one responsible for this job thing. And here is the last comforting part, “Our Lord frequently meets us on the pathways of our lives. He asks a lot from us so he can give us more.” Nice. I like that idea of getting more for what you pay for. It’s hard to give a lot without truly knowing what is going to come, but how great is it to know that something bigger will come….eventually.

So the moral of my ramblings is that no matter what you may be struggling with, life is so much better when you find peace and joy in those struggles. Have faith that the storm will pass, and at the end of it you will have more than you started with.

ST7: I found another Harry Potter silly band. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow. It’s an owl.

Thanks for reading! P.S. The quotes are from the book In Conversation with God, Volume 4 by Francis Fernandez


One response to “oh toto, we’re not in kansas anymore

  1. Brook says:

    Knock on lots of doors, Kari, darlin’! And one will open! 🙂


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