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quantum dots live in invitrogen

on September 9, 2010

It has been a pretty fun day today, considering I didn’t do a lot but what I did do made me feel productive and deserving of a long nap 🙂 Here are today’s small things!

ST1: I went to buy a book today and  the lady who was my cashier at Barnes and Noble was from Lawrence. We exchanged love for Kansas and she gave me a high five for marrying a Jayhawk.

ST2: I got my diploma in the mail yesterday! Its so great that a piece of fancy paper proves I took lots of classes and payed lots of money to be called ‘master’. My husband still hasn’t learned to call me that yet 😉

ST3: While waiting in line at the post office (when is there never a line??) I talked to a man about Notre Dame Football. He told me the secrets to beating Michigan this weekend. I’m going to talk to Coach Kelly tomorrow and let him know. I love how willing people are to talk here!

ST4: My aunt told me about a great book that might help me during this time called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha Word by Joanna Weaver. So far it is awesome and I recommend it to women who struggle with the busyness of the world and keeping sane!

ST5: Another cooking miracle…I made mashed potatoes and they were delicious! Of course I had to call my mom to ask about preparation, again they gained husband approval, but he did say they needed more salt and pepper. Now that I can do!

ST6: I wasn’t grumpy when husband wanted to go shopping after dinner. In fact it was wonderful doing something that he wanted to do, since most of the time its me doing the requesting. So we were driving home and he asked if I wanted to get ice cream. DUH. When do I NOT want ice cream?? So we sat outside and ate our custard and he told me what he was researching about today. Although instead of a normal discussion he told it to me like it were a children’s book. “There once were these people called Quantum Dots who really wanted to help cure cancer, so they were given medallions called RGD peptides …” I laughed with my whole being while he was talking. LOVE IT!

ST7: My nap this afternoon left me with some strange dreams, which I am thankful were not real. Most of my friends were participating in the Hunger Games like in the book by Suzanne Collins, and I was a participant too, but I just gave up and tried to go home. But I couldn’t remember where I parked my car. Story of my life.

ST8: The floral couches in our living room don’t bug me as much anymore. I guess God is working on my heart in more ways than one! 🙂

Thanks again for reading, I appreciate all of you sharing in my joys with me.


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