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magically delicious

on September 10, 2010

Another day, another blog post. Today was not nearly as eventful as other days, but of course it was still enjoyable. And the small things begin…

ST1: I was driving along a road close to my apartment and saw a tall green thing on a front porch. At first I thought it was a leprechaun decoration in support of the Fighting Irish. But after close examination it was an older man sitting in a chair wearing a tall green hat, just chillin’ outside watching cars go by. He should try out to be the next spokesman for Lucky Charms cereal.

ST2: I was able to eat lunch with my husband at Chipotle. How did they come up with such a genius idea to put rice with meat and roll it up in the burrito the size of a small child? I’m so glad they did because it is delicious.

ST3: Two friends stopped by the apartment for a quick visit. It was nice having other people in the apartment besides me and my husband. I think I’ll enjoy entertaining guests once we get things finally settled.

ST4: I went to the hardware store, bought nails, and hung most of our pictures up in the apartment. Did I measure the walls to make sure they were centered? No. Did I mark with a pencil where I needed the nails to go? Not always. Did I use a level? A few times. Do they look great? YES! Well, to my untrained eyes they do! Oh the joy of accomplishment,  no matter how small.

ST5: My husband and I made dinner together. Sloppy joes are my favorite, and so easy! beef, tomato soup, salsa, and brown sugar. Sounds strange but it is wonderful.

ST6: We played UpWords tonight and I got a score of 29 for laying down 2 letters! I ended up losing the game and pouted a little, but now that I think of it, who cares if I lost, I got a 29 point score in one turn!

So now it is off to bed to read our books and eventually sleep. Tomorrow morning will be full of tailgating fun! Go Irish, Beat Michigan! And Go Cats, beat Missouri State! (Just as a note, my Jayhawk husband just fake threw up on me.) Fine, Go Georgia Tech! 😉


2 responses to “magically delicious

  1. Brook says:

    I love that you added the fake throw up comment! Hilarious! Love you!


  2. mom says:

    I have tears in my eyes. Your writing is so inspirational. Your 1st grade teacher was right, you can write creatively. Love you MOM


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