small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day

all you need is a light jacket

on September 14, 2010

What a beautiful day! 72 degrees outside, not a cloud in the sky, slight breeze. It is hard not to be joyful on a day like this! Oh the small things.

ST1: Email. I have recently been discovering how much I love email. I got so much accomplished today just through this amazing technology. I asked about 4 different people questions about changing my name and job info and got responses very quickly. I didn’t have to wait on hold through the phone or through snail mail.  I also just like how I can multi-task while doing ‘work’. Pretty great.

ST2: I enjoyed a 30 minute conversation with an 80 year old man at the Social Security office. I sat down next to him and he struck up a conversation which started out explaining our reasons for being there and the long wait that was ahead of us. We then discussed our places in life, and he didn’t cease to amaze me. First thing he didn’t look 80, more like 60, and he holds a PhD in Theology and teaches at a local college. His vibrancy in action and word was incredible. I really enjoyed discussing life and learning the ins and outs of this new place. My number was called before his, and when I was finished I went back over to him, shook his hand, and he said “blessings on you and your husband.” How wonderful! What could have been a boring and annoying experience at the SS office turned out to be an encouraging one. Thank you, stranger, for a small conversation holding much more.

ST3: I got a text message from my youngest brother showing his excitement for his new video game. I really love that he thought to tell me of this life changing event. He’ll be a Halo Reach expert by tomorrow, I’m sure.

ST4: Cherry Coke. I love this beverage, and I only get it when I eat out. Tonight we ate dinner with a friend and met another newly married couple. It was so fun talking about how we met and exchanging our struggles living in a new town. That cherry coke tasted even better now that we’ve met new friends.

ST5: The best thing about this town is that because there aren’t many street lights or city lights for that matter, I could see the star filled sky. It has been a long time since I’ve gotten out of my car, looked up, and could easily spot my favorite constellation, Cassiopea. I hope to experience more of these clear sky nights!

What is one small thing you noticed about today? If you didn’t notice anything worth mentioning, try for it tomorrow. I’m amazed at how my days seem much better when I look for small things, even the weird ones 😉

Thanks for reading!


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