small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on September 15, 2010

Hello once again. It is Wednesday and I have to point out this great post on a blog called “Which Word Wednesday” Read this post about The Princess Bride if you get a chance. Inconceivable vs. Unthinkable

Today was “How many errands can you run in one day” day. Here are the small things I discovered on my journey:

ST1: Cheerios. Some say they’re boring, but I love them. Just the perfect amount of filling-ness for the morning. And I feel healthy while eating, which is so important. See specially marked boxes.

ST2: As much as it can be really annoying, I found fun in getting lost today. Yes, I did look it up on GoogleMaps, but failed to note many of the surrounding streets and ended up pretty close to a town about 9 miles away. OOPS. But as I was lost and regaining my bearings I noticed lots of fun stores and navigated myself to my original destination without a whole lot of trouble. Normally I’d be mad because I was supposed to be there at a certain time, but I decided to take the relaxed approach and I wasn’t grumpy or too frazzled when I showed up. That’s always a good thing. (And this is a BIG thing for someone like me, to be relaxed when not on time!)

ST3: Mug Shots. Alright, they really aren’t the most joyful thing, but this ugly picture of me is now on my official Indiana driver’s license with my official new last name. WOOHOO. I can almost stop living my double identity life.

ST4: Fingerprints. So the last time I was fingerprinted I had to go to the police station and ink up my whole hand and plop it on paper. Then the rest of the day I had to explain to everyone that I was working on my smurf costume. But today I didn’t have to make up a fun story. I walked in to the place and basically put my fingers on a scanner which then showed my print on the computer screen. What? Pretty cool. And then my results are online for whoever requested me to get printed (the job I’m interested in). The lady laughed at me as I was marveling over this.

ST5: Jackie Evancho. She really is a small thing, and if you haven’t heard her sing, here is your chance.

And then I posted her video on facebook and a friend commented that she was just looking for a good version of Ave Maria. Coincidence? I think not.

ST6: I smelled a bad smell coming from the kitchen. When I went to investigate I noticed it was coming from the toaster. Then my husband came in and was so excited because I bought bagels and we had extra honey walnut cream cheese. I laughed and then demanded half, to which he didn’t agree, but then I found out that was his second bagel! He snuck one earlier while I was in the bedroom reading. So he surrendered the bagel. And I ate it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all found some good small things to smile about today 🙂


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