small pieces of joy

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pie eating contest

on September 16, 2010

I’m starting to think I’m a little crazy for writing on here everyday, but then I think how much I have loved getting back to writing, even if it is small things, so no more crazy thoughts for me. And the small things come like this…

ST1: Talking to the maintenance people was fun this morning. There is nothing quite like getting woken up by a loud knock and remembering about the letter saying maintenance would be coming through that day. I jumped out of bed fast! The lady told me about her dogs and the guy had been to Kansas City. I kind of felt like I needed to talk to them since they were in my house. I almost offered the lady a drink. Maybe I’m just desperate to talk to people sometimes… 😉

ST2: Parking stickers. They’re a pain when you have to pay for them, but great when you can park closer than visitors parking. It was fun parking in the student lot on campus today. I really feel like a student when I’m on campus because I usually have a backpack and I still tend to dress like a student sometimes…and I soon will have a ID to get me into some activities and discounts. Yeah! I’m reaping the benefits without having to pay private school tuition. YEAH!

ST3: I really enjoy visiting my husband’s lab. We used a machine today that uses a laser to zap crystallized molecules to find their molecular weight. Pretty cool! I don’t know why anyone needs to know that information, but it still is cool that he knows how to get it. Hopefully one day he’ll let me use one of their special machines, or show me more liquid nitrogen!

ST4: My ability to walk through campus and hang out in the Basilica whenever I please is one small thing I’ve come to appreciate more. That place is so beautiful and peaceful. I spent a lot of time just looking at the paintings on the wall. I was reminded of how small I am, yet still very loved.

ST5: I made my first apple pie today, totally from scratch! With a little help from a recipe and some internet searches I was successful. Because we have SO MANY apples from our apple picking extravaganza I have been desperately trying to find ways to incorporate apples in cooking. So I used a whopping 5 apples to make this beautiful pie! It tastes pretty good too 🙂

ST6: SKYPE! This afternoon was a lonely one and most of this evening too, so I was ready for some reading and watching movies to distract myself a little and I was pleasantly surprised with two video chats today! I saw a precious little girl walk and stick her tongue out at me, and my brother and cousins talked to me about their adventures today at Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. I feel so connected and even though it makes me realize how much I miss them, I am so thankful for those video moments.

ST7: Another friend is going to have a baby! This is actually a BIG THING! How wonderful to have another life preparing to enter this world. Our prayers for a healthy pregnancy, friend!

I think I need another piece of pie.


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