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pieces of joy in each day

it’s in the place where i put that thing that time

on September 17, 2010

What a great day. Here goes.

ST1: An old lady at church this morning smiled and her wrinkles covered her whole face. How adorable she was when shaking people’s hands. She had such joy in those wrinkles. I hope I’m like that when I’m her age.

ST2: I sat at starbucks reading blogs and writing letters sitting next to a priest and a lady I think he went to school with at one point. It was fun listening to their stories while enjoying my coffee. Don’t worry, I wasn’t creepily listening, it just happens that people talk loudly. One reason why I like going to coffee shops, you never know what you’ll learn!

ST3: I needed to return a redbox movie (To Save a Life–soo good!) and go grocery shopping but I didn’t want to go all the way to the only redbox I knew of. So I prepared myself for a scavenger hunt. But behold, I walked into the grocery store and they had a redbox there! Perfect! How did they know I needed to save a trip?

ST4: I talked to two friends on the phone today AND I had a friend visit to eat my homemade pie. How great it was to spend time talking and enjoying friendship.

ST5: The husband and I had dinner and a movie night and watched “Hackers”. I posted a quote from it on facebook and almost immediately I had people posting quotes from the movie. I didn’t even know other people have seen that movie! One great reason why facebook is a good thing, obscure movie quotes.

And I’m getting ready for another great football Saturday. I’ll be rootin’ for my Cats and Fighting Irish.


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