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human garbage disposal

on September 20, 2010

Whew. It has been a few days since I’ve had a good chance to write so this is going to be a long one. Grab some coffee, apple cider, or whatever beverage you fancy and join me in reliving the small things of this weekend.


ST1: I woke up wanting to go for a run. Really? On a Saturday? It was a nice overcast cool morning so it was essentially perfect. I still can’t believe I had the desire to do that. I guess it makes sense because my life is becoming more balanced so I need to add more purposeful exercise into the mix.

ST2: Clean tennis shoes are amazing! I washed my favorite shoes today and wow they looked like new. What a great alternative to buying new shoes–wash them and tell yourself they are new. I know this mental trick will only work for a short while, however, but it is definitely worth it for now.

ST3: I got to watch the last 30 seconds of the K-State game on TV! I thought that would never happen living so far away from the Big 12, but it happened! I was going over to a friend’s house to watch football. She is obsessed with OU so I figured at least I could watch a Big 12 team.  As I was walking to her door she opens it and yells “Hurry! Your team is on and there are only 30 seconds left!” It was pretty funny. So now she and I are going to be football buddies–we are going to research if our teams are on TV and make sure we watch them together. I am so thankful for my 30 seconds  (I guess it was about 10 minutes) of Wildcat football!

ST4: Sprint Picture Mail: another genius technology. My husband’s parents and my parents went out to dinner on Saturday night. It was part of our gift to them for all the work they did to make our wedding AWESOME. To include us in their fun my dad sent me pictures of both couples at dinner, and of course a picture of their dessert! It was so fun to see them enjoying our gift and feeling a part of it all. Thanks to this technology I don’t feel as far away from home.

ST5: My husband and I were deciding whether to watch a movie or to just go to bed, so in the meantime we had a thumb war. We didn’t talk about it, it just kind of happened. I called it the silent thumb war. It was enjoyable until I lost.


ST1: Breakfast in bed! My husband rolled out of bed early and started cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I smelled it an then rolled over to get a few more precious moments of sleep in. Then I ventured into our guest room to check on my computer updates and he walks in with a plate for me. We ate breakfast on the guest room bed. Fantastic! I love that even though he cut his finger while making breakfast, he didn’t stop cooking! Don’t worry, the finger is healing fine. It just looks funny with the duct tape reattachment… (j/k)

ST2: Prairie Dogs. We went to the zoo in the afternoon and enjoyed many fun animals, but our favorites were the prairie dogs. They were short, fat, and hilarious. They made funny noises and pushed each other around. The best was when they tried to fit themselves through the holes in the ground. Oh to be a prairie dog, all the food and fun you could ever want in a small amount of space. You’d be sort of famous, like these guys.

ST3: I beat my husband at Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine on GameCube. Granted I was on the easiest level and he was two levels above me…I somehow believe that soon, very soon, I will get good enough at the game to beat him on the same level. It definitely was fun though playing a game that we both were being challenged at and had fun playing. My husband thinks I will practice all day while he’s gone. I don’t know what makes him think that!

ST4: The apple pie is still delicious! What should my next apple endeavor be?

ST5: We watched a movie called ‘Pandorum’ and it was just a little scary, but my husband said he’d protect me. Ha. Like he could protect me from mutated human beasts! I appreciated his compassion though 😉


ST1: I had a few moments this morning to watch my guilty pleasure TV show Hoarders on Hulu. I don’t watch much TV so its nice to have some time here and there to ‘escape’. essscapay.

ST2: While on campus I observed a bike attached to a 4 foot pole. Points for wanting to keep your bike safe, negative points for failing to see someone could just lift the bike over the post and take it. Let’s just hope people stealing bikes aren’t too smart!

ST3: Organic pizza! I’m not much of a stickler for organic, but these pizzas are delicious, and even more delicious when sharing with the husband.

ST4: I am on step 2 of the 3 step process to getting a spouse ID so I can go to the student rec center and get student prices. Excellent.

ST5: I got my new Social Security card AND Indiana driver’s license with my new name on it. I still feel like I’m committing treason against my last name and state. I hope I’ll adjust to the new name soon. And P.S. Kansas driver’s licenses are way cooler. I miss it already.

ST6: Tonight is leftovers night for dinner. My husband was hungry so he started warming up our leftovers from a few dinners. I take the food that I want and go to sit down at the table. He comes out with one container of food. I’m thinking he just picked one meal to finish. NO. He mixed all three meals together! Chicken and noodles with broccoli, spaghetti with marinara, and the potato, cheese, sausage meal he made for breakfast yesterday. What was he thinking? Of course through all of this he is saying how delicious it is and what else he could add, then he adds walnuts and lettuce. The part that made me crack up was when he said, “Hmmm. Do I detect a hint of nuttiness?” hilarious! Another reason why I’m so happy I married this guy.

And now I am being beckoned for a rematch with the Bean Machine. Here’s to being sucked in to a video game!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be more regular with blogging this week! Cheers!


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  1. jepete says:

    Hi Kari,

    I finally got started on this blogging business and I’d love for you to follow me! Hopefully I’m good at it. Ha.



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