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on September 21, 2010

I’m trying to get on to my husband’s sleep schedule but it isn’t working so well. I guess its hard to convince myself getting up at 6am is worth it when I don’t have a specific time to be anywhere. So here I am blogging while he’s away in dreamland. I guess its a good time to assess the small things from today!

ST1: I drove by the elementary school this morning to find a class of students playing with a parachute. I LOVED that day in gym class. You had to work together as a team to keep the balls off the ground, or you all lifted it really high and then ran under and sat on the edges to make a huge bubble tent. Oh man those were the days! I had a huge smile as I drove past, remembering what it was like to play with a parachute. Don’t worry, I didn’t park and run out to join them.

ST2: Saint Matthew. He was a pretty cool guy for being a former tax collector. Today at mass the priest had a great homily talking about this saint. He said Jesus was really radical for hanging out with people who were considered lowly or sinners, like a wealthy greedy tax collector. Matthew left everything he owned to follow Jesus, and he did so much because of that choice–like he became a saint.That’s pretty sweet! Through St. Matthew we are shown that by ourselves we are pretty lowly in our selfishness and we obviously can’t do anything beyond our human power. But God can do so much more, if we let Him. Imagine what St Matthew’s life would have been like if he chose to stay a tax collector? It made me think what my life might be like if I don’t stay close to God. Hmmm….

ST3: I made an apple cheesecake today, and it tasted delicious! One of our friends stopped by and joined us for apple cheesecake and apple wine. We also played our new favorite game Ticket to Ride. I didn’t win, but my cheesecake did!

ST4: I took at two hour nap while waiting for my husband to get home. I fully intended to read the book I’ve been working on for weeks, The Red Pyramid, but alas I fell asleep. I forgot how glorious a nap can feel, especially when unexpected. I woke up to the sound of my husband asking lots of questions. I think he forgets how I don’t like to talk when I’m just waking up…

ST5: Blogs. I have truly enjoyed writing this blog. It is a great reason to look out for interesting things throughout the day and know that I’m sharing it with others. I especially love reading other blogs. I gain a lot of wisdom from these people and I also feel so connected because of it. Check out some of the blogs on my bogroll on the left sidebar of my site. They are ones I follow regularly. I know its hard to find time to read a lot during the day so I definitely appreciate all of you who read and support my blog. It keeps me going!

ST6: Air Conditioning! It was close to 90 today, so I thank those people who realized we could lead much happier lives with cooler temperatures in our homes. I salute you.

Time to read or fall asleep. Either one is sounding pretty wonderful right now. Here’s to another good day!


One response to “arise and follow

  1. Jen says:

    What a lovely day for you! THanks for sharing. I was thinking you could embrace your husband’s sleep schedule if you went to bed with him! Just a thought from KS! Love and miss you.


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