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please don’t stop the music

on September 22, 2010

Today started off very uneventful. Sleeping till 8, eating a bagel, the normal morning routine. Then once I got out of the house things started to shake up. Here are the small things for this lovely Wednesday.  Why don’t we say Wed-nes-day?

ST1: Signs. We all read them, laugh at them, wish they wouldn’t distract us, but they are quite wonderful in some cases. First off I was at a stop light waiting patiently and noticed the typical corner drug store war between Walgreens and CVS. Both of their signs said “Flu Shots available daily”. How do I choose?

The second sign I thought was awesome today actually made me laugh out loud in the car for a good 2 minutes. There are a series of signs on a main road near my apartment that at the beginning of September said, “A new era begins September 4”, “You can do it Coach Kelly”, and “12-0”. These all referring to the exciting new Notre Dame football season. After the first loss I wondered what would happen to the “12-0” sign so I keep looking every time I drive by. After the 1st loss that sign was covered with white paper. Today, centered in black letters was the word “PRAY”.

ST2: A clean jewelery box. As most of you know I’ve been a little addicted to the show “Hoarders” which to some may seem a little strange. But today is proof that this addiction is a good thing. After watching one pretty sad episode I decided I needed to do some decluttering of my own, so I tackled my jewelery box. I got rid of a lot of things I never wear and a few things that I probably shouldn’t wear. I noticed that I do have some emotional attachment to some items, but because of that show, I learned to let go! I told my husband that my addiction will help him in the long run, too!

ST3: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Fall is truly official now. How do people make things taste so much like the real thing? Genius!

ST4: I was driving around today because I wanted to explore more of this town. While driving and enjoying the scenery I remembered a friend’s family lives pretty close to where I was driving. My friend goes to school in another state, but I recently reconnected with the mom, so I gave her a call. I hung out at her house for a few hours talking about life, learning about great places to visit, and about the job front. It was so relaxing sitting in someone’s house drinking iced tea having good conversation. I’m so glad to have another familiar person in case I need anything!

ST5: Marching bands are wonderful. As I was talking with my friend’s mom I learned that her son is in the marching band at the local high school. The small thing in this is that I had it good when I was in marching band. Her son had 3 weeks of band camp during the summer from about 8am to 9pm each day, they practice every day after school till 6, and every Saturday during the season they have a competition. WOAH. We practiced at 7am on weekdays and had maybe 4 competitions, max. Our band camp was about 8-5 for one week! The best part about today, though, was going to watch part of their practice. Oh how I remember those days of hard work and sweat. I made some great friends and learned a lot too. Thanks marching band for the good memories, and for not making me practice as much as the band here!

ST6: I got home after my husband today and he told me he thought I was hiding from him in the apartment. (my car is always parked in the garage so he didn’t know I was actually gone.)  I can just picture him searching around the house calling my name. Hilarious!

Ok, time for bed! Hopefully I will get up in time for mass tomorrow. I guess I could set an alarm…

Thanks for reading!!


2 responses to “please don’t stop the music

  1. jepete says:

    I loved your post today. Those emotional days can sometimes get us down but it’s also nice to know that someone else feels them too. I’m glad you’re able to still focus on the small things.

    P.S. Where does one get holy water?



    • Kari says:

      Most churches have a holy water dispenser somewhere in the church were you can put the water in your own container. They sell special holy water containers at Catholic stores like Trinity House in Overland Park.


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