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tidal wave

on September 23, 2010

Today had its ups and downs, but of course the small things made it great.

ST1: The weatherman was dressed in a kilt today. Hilarious! raises money for the Ronald McDonald house and apparently gives men a reason to look pretty funny.

ST2: Reading through old emails from the beginning of my relationship with my husband was so fun. Its so crazy to think that we started dating long distance, and continued long distance until we were married. I really barely remember what it was like to be away from him for a month at a time. We just did what we had to do I guess, and man was it worth it!

ST3: The moon was gorgeous tonight! We went for a nighttime drive and witnessed the beauty of the moon. It really was a breath taking moment.

ST4: Having a husband who knows just how to cheer me up is pretty priceless. Today was a rollercoaster day of emotions and so over dinner I got a little emotional. We just left the dirty dishes, he made me put my shoes on, and we went for a drive. He drove us to the mall and we just walked around for a while. He knew I just needed to get our for a little bit. We came across the classic version of the game of LIFE and it reminded me of when I was a kid I used to use the spinning wheel to play “spin the chips”. We would put chips on the spinner and watch them fly! Oh wow… And then we went to the Disney store where all my memories of Disney obsession came back. It was the older design of the store so it wasn’t taken over by the Disney Channel stuff I don’t care about. This even had the big pile of stuffed animals in the back of the store! Those things definitely put a smile back on my face.

ST5: We’re still eating the cheesecake and it still tastes fantastic!

ST6: My husband told me all about the alien and predator movies. I love hearing him explain things, especially when they’re things I really know nothing about, and secretly don’t need to know. His passion is endearing. And therefore I humor him.

ST7: As I left the adoration chapel today I noticed a nun walking from the school to the mailbox. She was walking casually and then looked over at me and waved. It’s amazing how someone acknowledging your existence can be so powerful. I hope she enjoyed my wave as much as I enjoyed hers.

Time for sleepy sleep. I’m getting a little closer to being on my husband’s sleep schedule. At least I pray with him before bed, right? Oh, and this is small thing about 8-10. Each night we say our prayers together and then bless ourselves with holy water. It can’t hurt, right? And then we bless each other. I added a little bit from when I stayed with my little cousin a while ago. She rubs holy water on her pillow to ward off bad dreams. So now I rub holy water on both our pillows for sweet dreams. And it makes me think of her πŸ™‚ I suggest keeping some holy water around, its a nice comfort before bed!

Thanks for reading!


5 responses to “tidal wave

  1. Keith says:

    I already knew what you were going to say about the game of LIFE! THE CHIPS! And the Disney store with the huge unsanitary pile of dust collectors. Those were the days.


  2. Kathleen says:

    Sounds like you’ve got yourself a pretty stellar husband there! People who know us well are such a blessing. The moon sounds like it was gorgeous!

    God bless your vocation, friend!


  3. mom says:

    now i know why i do not read your blog regularly. I always end up in trears because I know you are so very happy and it makes me happy


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