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i’m a believer

on September 28, 2010

I needed the small things to get me through the day, and they did, as always.

ST1: I have a dominant defect. I know that does not sound like a good thing, and its not really by itself. Let me ‘splain.  I made some phone calls today about jobs and a few people made it sound like I was ridiculous. Awesome. I hate it when I don’t appear to have it all together or when people’s perception of me isn’t 100% good. So I let this situation disturb my peace most of the day. Then I read in In Conversation With God that we all have a dominant defect. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. I’m supposed to be close to perfect, people! Anyway, in order for us to make real progress in becoming better people it is imperative that we know and understand our defect so we can work to get rid of it. In order to find out what this defect is we are to ask ourselves these questions. 1. What do we habitually have our heart set on? 2. What worries us most? 3. What leads us to suffer or lose our peace or fall into sadness? My answer to all these was wanting to please people. So in order to work on this I have to select the virtue that is the opposite, which I have decided is humility. YUCK. That’s hard. But the great thing about this whole situation is now I have identified my problem and I will join all my forces to defeat it! yeah! (I might need a little help.)

ST2: Pipe organ. I spent about 1.5 hours in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on campus listening to an organist play. I was taken to another place. That instrument is truly incredible, and I think it has magical powers that make it almost impossible to leave. It’s like the Lotus Casino in Percy Jackson. Kind of.

ST3: Bagel sandwiches. My husband and I had these sandwiches together today on his lunch break. It was funny to watch him prepare the sandwiches with one knife and a spoon. These engineer types can do anything.

ST4: Free dinner. We ate dinner with a visiting professor tonight before she had to take a flight home. It was paid for by my husband’s department. I love how hospitable this university is. Just another way I’m reaping the benefits without being a student!

ST5: Marching band! (again) I think this has already been a small thing, but this time it is the Notre Dame marching band practicing. They were playing a Monkees song and it made me want to dance a little in the parking lot. There is nothing quite like hearing the band while walking through campus with the crunch of leaves. I think you all should come visit and experience it 🙂

ST6: I didn’t lose too badly playing pool. My team only lost by one ball in two of the three games. Not too shabby. And I only scratched once!


Overall a great day. I’m hoping to start nipping this dominant defect in the butt so its no longer dominant or a defect. And I hope to win playing pool. The end.


2 responses to “i’m a believer

  1. Keith says:

    I am SO happy that gLee is one of the small things. It is SOO incredibly ridiculous but makes me so happy in a weird way.


  2. Brook says:

    I love your dominant defect blurb. I can so relate and was just talking about mine tonight – even though I didn’t know that’s what it was called. Thank you for reminding me I have tools available to overcome it. I love you and miss you!!


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