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pieces of joy in each day


on September 29, 2010

What a good Wed-nes-day it was. I felt productive most of the day which was delightful.

ST1: Mass this morning was extra great. Lady with the tennis shoes has now started wearing jeans, and I’ve started to notice a lady who always dresses up really nice and wears a hat. Today it was a small black hat, with a feather. Most importantly the homily was inspiring about the archangels and challenging me to be a messenger. Sweet! And then afterwards I was reading my meditation and the older priest came over to me and introduced himself. He was really nice and seemed to be very interested in my life. How cool is that?

ST2: Fall decorations! I pulled out the box of fall decorations I have been accumulating for years. Inside it were a few broken clay pumpkins and a lot of cute painted wooden figures my grandparents made a few years back. I put all of these items on shelves throughout the living room area of our apartment. What a difference it makes! It feels even more homey than it did before. And a little spookier. As my German teacher would have said, “ooooh. Ein Geist. Schpoookey!”

ST3: Seeing babies. Earlier this afternoon I got to see my friend’s baby for the first time via video chat. She is such a precious baby! Video chat is great, but I wish they had a ‘hold the baby’ feature. But later this afternoon I met up with a friend and her 4 month old son and got to hold him, so all is right in the world now, almost.

ST4: Finding old letters. I was rummaging through some random papers and I came across two letters I wrote years ago to my future husband. How cool! I had forgotten I did that. It was fun to read them because all the things I was writing about are realized in my husband now! I encourage you single people out there to write some letters about why you’re so anxious to meet them because it will be so awesome when you get to share them with your spouse after you’re married!

ST5: Parents-in-law. Tonight my husband and I video chatted with his parents. I had forgotten how much I missed them until we started laughing and talking like we would in person. I am so blessed to have such wonderful and loving in-laws. Especially when his mom kills spiders for his dad. Priceless!!

Alright it is time for bed, I woke up early this morning and I’m wasting away. I hope you all had a great day full of small things!

St. Terese of Lisieux, Pray for us!


2 responses to “decorate

  1. Keith says:

    Ein Geist! Heute ist Spooktag! Herr O.


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