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a leftover flyover

on October 9, 2010

(this post is a day late, but still cool)

Yes, FRIDAY! It is amazing how you can wake up much happier on Friday knowing the weekend is so close. It’s even true for someone who only worked one day in the week…I still want the weekend! I’m diggin’ the small things from today.

ST1: leftovers for lunch. Don’t you just love how you eat a great meal for dinner, you wish you could have more of it, and then magically in the frig there are the leftovers? That’s how I felt today when getting ready to have a boring old sandwich for lunch and I got to have spaghetti instead. Oh yeah.

ST2: Middday phone convos. What a welcome surprise when I got to talk to a friend during the day! She took the day off work so we got a chance to catch up. LOVE IT. Hopefully I’m not using up any daytime minutes…do they still have those on plans? I guess I should check up on my cell phone plan…

ST3: airplane fly-overs. I was hanging out with a friend this afternoon, walking around the campus at St. Mary’s College, and we witnessed 4 planes in formation flying right over us. SO COOL. It took me back to the days of air shows watching my uncle fly in the Blue Angels. The sound. The sight. The feeling. What a great treat on a lovely afternoon. p.s. thanks friend for showing me the cool labyrinth walking path–loved it!

ST4: A leaf flew into my car while I was driving! It startled me like a huge bug might, but then I was really happy this leaf decided to join me in my travels. I love fall, therefore I love leaves. I wonder how far that leaf traveled before it landed in my car?

ST5: Google’s banner genius. They paid tribute to John Lennon’s birthday by creating a banner with a drawing of his face and a small animated video of ‘Imagine’. Rock on.

ST6: playlists. I made a great playlist on itunes a while ago and I got to listen to it tonight while friends were over playing board games. It was nice to have the computer play DJ.

Pretty good day. I’m excited for the weekend!!


One response to “a leftover flyover

  1. Keith says:

    your title is just too clever.


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