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fallin’ down

on October 13, 2010

Just a few things today. One because today was uneventful, two its close to bedtime. Here we go…

ST1: surprises. Last night my husband came home and said he had a surprise for me. I walk toward him and he pulls two 6 packs of Boulevard Wheat beer from his backpack! He found a liquor store that sells KC’s own Boulevard. I was so excited. Thanks husband for knowing how to make me smile.

ST2: good Samaritans. We were driving back from mass this morning and saw this lady frantically waving as she was driving her van in the opposite direction. My first thought was, what is this crazy woman doing?? As we slowed to figure out what her deal was we noticed a power line was down in the middle of the street. THAT is what she was going nuts about. So we took a detour and as we drove by the street we saw the same lady patrolling the area, telling people to go around. Thanks lady for helping us, and I’m sorry for thinking you were a lunatic.

ST3: my own choir folder. I joined the church choir tonight and met lots of great people. A gym teacher, a pianist who played at Carnagie Hall, a man who had been married for 67 years and the man who owns horses close to the stadium. Its amazing how I walked up to the choir loft and felt right at home. I got my own folder and my own copies of the music books that I get to take home! It brought back so many memories from St. Isidore’s Choir. Those were the days.

ST4: sleep. That’s where I’m going now.

Sorry for the short post, there will be more later. Have a good one.


One response to “fallin’ down

  1. Keith says:

    HECK YES for Boulevard Wheat! I am so happy you joined the choir! That is really exciting. Boo for down power lines. Yay for people you watch out for other people! We need more of those.


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