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a little wine-y

on October 18, 2010

Oh what a weekend! It never seems to be boring in this town on the weekend, especially game weekends. It also was extra awesome because of the visit of my husband’s sister (she’s mine now too!)

Here are some small things to summarize the greatness.

ST1: Family visits. My husbands sister was on fall break so she came to visit us this weekend. Thursday night consisted of eating an overcooked meal (oops) and playing Ticket to Ride. It was so nice to have her here and we had SO MUCH FUN.

ST2: Tour of ND stadium. This place is beautiful, and packed with history. We walked through the players tunnel and talked with one of the guides a little about the place. Its funny how I’ve seen it twice now and it feels like I’ve been there a thousand. Still a cool feeling walking through the tunnel.

ST3: feeding squirrels. Oh did the sister love feeding these small creatures. She even inspired some other people to do so, which could be a good or a bad thing. A guy asked me if she was trying to catch them and I said no. He said, “Good, cuz those things’ll bite the daylights outta ya.” We came up with a new song, too. “Feed the squirrels, peanuts from a bag. Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts from a bag…”

ST4: NEW JEANS! We went to the mall where we saw many things like a guy holding a skeleton and a 3 year old bungee trampoline jumping, but the most important of all was the 45% off sale at Gap. These new jeans were definitely worn right as I got home. They are wonderful.

ST5: Pumpkin flavored anything. We went to the chocolate shop to get some goodies and we were offered samples (which should be a small thing all in itself). We tried pumpkin chocolate pretzels, pumpkin caramel corn, and pumpkin malt balls. Of course this sample led to a purchase, but it was so worth it. Love me some pumpkin pretzels!

ST6: Hole-in-the-wall restaurants. So we wanted to go eat at our favorite Irish pub on Friday night, but we failed to take into account that we really can’t go to good places on game weekends, because thats where everyone is. So we ventured to this small pizza place which is in the basement of a building. The decorations were place mats that customers had illustrated and then were taped onto the white brick walls. This made it actually feel quite homey. The pizza was wonderful and it was a nice relaxed atmosphere. We even met Papa Vic, the owner of the place. He told us the few stories he remembered about Kansas: thinking tumbleweeds were small animals, and the story “In Cold Blood”. I think we’ll pay Papa a visit again soon.

ST7: BAGPIPES! Game day is awesome because of two things. Tailgating and the bands. We got a front row spot at one of the ND Bagpipe band performances. Here’s a little clip from the Irish jig I recorded on Saturday. It starts off slow and then goes crazy! (The smoke in the background is from a grill for a concession stand. Don’t worry, nothing crazy was burning!)

ST8: God-incidences. So sister and I had a few people who were all at the game this weekend. I needed to see my seminarian friend from college, a friend I worked at camp with, and my friend from St. Mary’s and her family from KC. First we went to see some of her friends from Kansas who were tailgating on campus. I met a few of her friends and learned that they had worked for Totus Tuus in Wichita, which struck my attention because I know a few people who worked there, including my seminarian friend whom I was to see that day. I asked if they knew him and they pointed toward the bean bag game…it was him! How crazy that her friends new my friend! What a small world. Later that day we met up with my friend from camp and I had a chance to reconnect and remember how awesome camp truly is. It turns out my sister’s roommate knows my St. Mary’s friend! God is so good to bring all those people into my life with connections to each other, in such a wonderful way.

ST9: racking wine. My husband and I decided that on our lazy day we should rack the blueberry wine we started to make a few months ago. This process is fairly simple and actually fun! We siphon the wine from the glass carboy to a bucket, leaving the sediments in the carboy. Then we clean out the carboy and fill it back up with the wine from the bucket. This way all the sediments are gone and the wine is nice and clear. It will be ready to bottle in another few months. The raspberry wine is getting close to being bottled, in about a month. We tasted the blueberry wine and it was tart! You can tell its blueberry, but it looks like a red wine. We also added oak to it to make it taste like a red wine. We’ll see! There is nothing like a little husband-wife wine making teamwork 🙂

Our wine! Blueberry wine is on the left, raspberry on the right. Apple wine is in the bottles in the middle!

ST10: St. Andre Besette. This Canadian Holy Cross brother was canonized a saint yesterday! (This means that there have been 2 proven miracles attributed to his prayers and he is now an official example of how to live a Christ-like life) This is extra cool because Holy Cross is the order of priests that founded the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, and St. Mary’s College here in South Bend (or Notre Dame, IN). St. Andre was a sickly man who wanted to enter the order but was almost rejected because he wasn’t educated (which was what the order primarily did) and he couldn’t do hard labor because he was sick. God used his weakness as his strength and counseled many sick people and is attributed to miraculous healings. Pretty cool. St. Andre, pray for us to use our weaknesses as our strength!

It was a fun weekend filled with so many pieces of joy. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Courtney says:

    I was on my break on the Plaza yesterday, heading back from Starbucks and saw a bagpiper too!!! It actually made my day that I got caught at the crosswalk on a red light and was able to listen to him for a little while. Young guy, quite good. It was bittersweet listening to him. Made me miss Papa a lot, but it was nice to hear a decent player for once.


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