small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on October 19, 2010

Let’s experiment with a little color, shall we? Today’s small things shall appear in rainbow style.

ST1: debit cards. We just received our new bank debit cards. We now have a joint checking account and I will be able to spend my husband’s money. YEAH! It’s fun to joke around about that because I really am not a crazy spender. It’s just nice to have another thing with my new name and that is OURS.

ST2: good recipes. This one I found in the book I’m reading. It isn’t your normal type of baking, but very applicable for those looking for a good relationship.

How to become an infallible lover: a recipe

1 cup love (for best results, use self-donative variety)
1 cup responsibility (mix 1/2 cup self-discipline with 1/2 cup stewardship)
1 cup faith
1 cup respect (combine 1/2 cup self-respect and 1/2 cup respect for others)
1 cup intimacy (combine equal parts verbal and emotional communication)
1 cup cooperation
1 cup joy
1 cup personhood (combine a sense of being made in the image of God with a heaping tablespoon of masculinity or femininity)

ST3: THE SUN! I basked in its glory all afternoon while reading. It was glorious.

ST4: It’s AGAPE week for those involved in the Pathways retreat at K-State. The retreat is this weekend and about 30 students will be experiencing an awesome weekend of fun, fellowship, and faith. I went on this retreat when I was at K-State and it was so helpful in my faith. Please pray for all those involved this week that it may be an amazing weekend full of God’s blessings.

ST5: new friends. Last night my husband and I were invited to a newly married couple’s house for dinner. We met them about a month ago through one of Jonathan’s friends. They were married 3 weeks before us and just moved here as well. It was crazy how many things we have in common, and they freaked out when they learned we own all the Settlers of Catan expansions. They didn’t know there were other people who played that game. Hilarious! So I think we have new friends, and that is really encouraging. And of course we played Ticket to Ride with them, how can we deny anyone the wonderfulness of that game.

ST6: Mannheim Steamroller’s Halloween CD. I was cleaning the kitchen today and had this urge to listen to Halloween-like music. There isn’t much of it out there, but I remembered one CD I copied a while ago from my parents. Its so cool because it takes sinister sounding classical songs and makes them spooky. It made me even more excited for Halloween’s visit in a few weeks.

ST7: Singing along with my own song. I was listening to a mix CD in my car and one of the songs I recorded came on. First off its cool just hearing myself through my car speakers, but its even better when I sing with my myself. What a crazy concept! It was fun and it made me think about getting back to some more song writing. Here is the song I enjoyed on my drive today.

And that concludes the rainbow of small things for today. I hope you enjoyed reading!


4 responses to “agape

  1. Keith says:

    Yes. Prayers for retreatants on Pathways are much appreciated.

    That Halloween “music” is strange. I
    m not sure what Mannheim Steamroller was thinking.


  2. Keith says:

    PS Yellow is a NOT a great color for the text on white. I link the colors though.


  3. Brook says:

    My ST for the day – seeing mountains with snow on them…means ski season is right around the corner. 🙂 Love ya!


  4. […] me he likes listening to my songs. How cool is that? If you want to hear one of my songs, go to this post and click on the link from the last ST in the […]


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