small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day

the sidewalk game

on October 20, 2010

Today feels like a purple day. I’m not feeling up to blogging right now because not much happened today, but I’ll give you a few small things from today.

ST1: awesome blog post. The first thing I did this morning is to check my googlereader for new posts from the blogs I follow. The one I read was from conversiondiary about how she responds to the people who ask her if she wants more children. She beautifully explains how important it is to be open to life and I only hope I can be that way too! Here is the post.

ST2: the sidewalk game. I met my husband on campus to go to mass and lunch and as we were walking around we played the sidewalk game. Basically we only could have two steps in each sidewalk square. I bet we looked ridiculous walking around, but it was definitely worth it. I love the little things he makes more exciting.

ST3: going to the same store twice in one day. So my husband wanted me to buy him a new scapular because his old one broke. So I bought one for him, but he didn’t want the one I bought so I went back to the store to get the one he wanted. I decided to keep the first one and buy the new one, which caused some problems with this small store’s credit card machine. The best part was that I got to know the lady at the store and she was really sweet. As much as I felt like I was causing a lot of trouble for this lady, today taught me that when I think I’m being annoying to someone, I’m just giving them a chance to be patient!

ST4: leftovers! This has already been a small thing in a previous blog, but I am a firm believer in it being legal for a small thing to reoccur in the blog, so it is. Tonight it is taco dinner #2 and I’m so thankful. Leftover nights means my husband and I have more time to hang out since I have choir practice tonight. I’m really thankful for the inventors of refrigerators because they are truly the ones who created the possibility of leftovers in the first place. My gratitude to you, mighty scientist people.

Alright, time to go heat up some taco meat. Oh the life of a housewife is so rough! 😉 Tschüs!


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