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poker face

on October 25, 2010

Another great weekend full of small things…

ST1: old school nickelodeon. For some reason I was searching YouTube to see if any of my favorite TV shows from when I was a kid were somehow on the web. I found some episodes of Salute Your Shorts, which made my day. Its funny how even the silliest of shows can bring back good memories. I just remember SNICK every Saturday night. It was the next best thing to TGIF on TV. If you were a kid in the 90s you should definitely take a train back to Nostalgia through YouTube.

ST2: ambush makeovers. I admit it. I watch the Today show most mornings. Not because I like it, but because its the only channel that comes in clear on our TV, and it keeps me somewhat updated with whats happening. My favorite is Friday morning makeovers. They pick the best people to make over and you can just tell how much they appreciate feeling pretty. I used to think that make-up and nice clothes were silly because its the person that matters, not their clothes. But once I started wearing make-up more I realized that their is something to be said about feeling good about how you look. I don’t HAVE to wear it to feel good, but when I do its like an extra boost. So I am glad for the people who do makeovers for people who benefit from them.

ST3: poker winnings. My husband came home Thursday night with a wad of cash saying, “Look what I won for you, baby!” it wasn’t a whole lot, but it was so nice of him to come in so proud that he had conquered the poker table for me. So we contemplated what we could do with the money, since we’re a little tight with the cash these days. We decided we’d wait to spend it on something we really need later. He put it in the bank my grandpa made and left the room. A few seconds later he was back in the bank, and as I was about to scold him for taking out the money he placed some of it on our prayer table. He said, “We should give some of this back to God.” Another reason why I married this man!

ST4: Catherine in Uganda. My brother gave me a Kiva loan as a gift last year. The premise of Kiva is you lend money to people who are either starting up businesses or need more supplies for their business. You lend money to them and they have a certain amount of time to repay you. Once the load is repaid you can re-loan your original amount to someone else! It’s pretty cool. My first loan was to a man in Rwanda and this time to Catherine in Uganda. When I loaned my money she was about halfway to her goal. Later that day it was funded by a total of 40 lenders. Click on the link to learn more about Kiva.

ST5: the grocery workout. Sometimes I forget that after going to the grocery store I have to carry everything I buy up to our 2nd story apartment. When I remember this I immediately get annoyed and try to figure out a way I can take it all upstairs in one trip, without falling or dropping things. This time I decided to just suck it up and take more than one trip. I thought of it more as a great workout opportunity! So I still loaded my arms pretty full but made it in two trips. It was more tolerable this time because of the new added thought of calorie burn.

ST6: double features. My husband and I decided to spend Friday night eating Sonic and watching “How to Train Your Dragon” and “The Karate Kid”. They were both excellent movies, especially the dragon one. Jonathan now wants to own a dragon and learn Kung Fu. What have I done…

ST7: Non-scary Halloween movie favorites. There is something about holidays that gets me excited. I love Halloween not because of the ghosts, ghouls, and scariness, but mostly because of the pumpkins, fall leaves, candy, and dress-up. Therefore I’m not a fan of the scary movies, but here are my top 5 non-scary Halloween movies that you could watch this week!
1. Hocus Pocus (rented, will watch tomorrow)
2. Casper (own, watched yesterday)
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (rented, watching tonight)
4. Ghostbusters (don’t own, not rented, not sure when I’ll watch)
5. “Are You Afraid of the Dark” (I know its a TV show, but its counts. Check it out on YouTube for some episodes. The Dollmaker is my favorite.) YOU TUBE!!


ST8: Pathways! My brother called me last night after returning from the Pathways retreat at K-State. He was so excited about the new things he learned and the experiences he had that weekend. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful brother and that he cares enough to share his faith with me! Thank you to all of you who prayed for the retreat!

So, that is the weekend in a nutshell. I have been thinking recently that I would love to hear from you! You know a lot about me because of this blog, and I would like to know more about you! If you feel so inclined, I challenge you to comment on this post sharing just one small thing you noticed this week, one small thing about you in general, or maybe something you liked about the blog. You don’t have to put your name if you want to remain anonymous. I just would like to know a little about those who read this blog! Thanks 🙂


2 responses to “poker face

  1. Keith says:

    I’m lucky to have such a great sister to share things with. Another way to add to your grocery workout is to park farther away from the store to walk it. I’m going to have to look up old NICK shows because they are a lost art. NICK is just not as good as it was, except for Jimmy Neutron.


  2. Jeyne says:

    Kari – I wanted to thank you for making us look at the small things in life and truly enjoy all we have. Since moving in with Jameson, we have been super busy with renovating the kitchen, not a lot of time to notice small things, but the other morning we were carpooling to work and I noticed the silence in the car, it was the most amazing feeling to sit there and just be happy that we are together, neither of us had to say it, it was just known.


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