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the great acronym

on October 28, 2010

Thurrrsday. You were wonderful to me. Here is why.

ST1: Your comments! I loved reading other people’s small things. It made me smile 🙂 Keep it up, readers!

ST2: Dear Great Pumpkin, Thank you for making Linus think you exist so I could be amused by a fun, witty, animated show about you. I just hope that kids really don’t get rocks while trick-or-treating. Is that your doing? Love, Kari

ST3: random shout-outs. I was walking on campus wearing a Yale sweatshirt. I own this comfy article of clothing to support my cousin who played hockey there a few years ago. Anyway, a guy passed me and said, “hey, nice sweatshirt.” It was nice to be noticed. Go Bulldogs.

ST4: the acronym game. My husband and I were driving home from playing squash and we saw a bank called TCU. We then decided to think of all the different things it could stand for. Terrifying Crazy Unicorn, Tired Crusty Umbrella…but Two Crabby Uncles takes the cake. Any other ones you can think of?

ST5: Sonic tater tots. mmmm. They go perfect with a side of Reboot and a warm blanket.

Thanks again for reading and for your comments. I’d love to hear more 🙂 Tomorrow is FRIDAY.

P.S. Please pray for all those involved with the Koinonia retreat at the St. Lawrence center at KU this weekend. I know they would appreciate it!


One response to “the great acronym

  1. MrCarney says:

    What is “a side of Reboot”? I thought I was nerd enough to know this stuff. 😦


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