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pieces of joy in each day


on October 29, 2010

Happy Fri-day. Another busy but good day…here are the things that made me smile.

ST1: Reboot. First off I feel as though I should explain something from yesterday. It was a little late so I didn’t do it justice. Reboot is a TV show that was on Cartoon Network years ago. My husband is practically obsessed with it so he is having me watch all of the seasons with him. It takes place inside computers and has clever references to pop culture, plus cheesy computery lines like “alphanumeric!” and “what in the net?” My husband likes it because its creative and has a good story line, plus he likes the computer puns. I like it because it has funny moments.

ST2: The Batmobile. Pretty sure Batman was driving his Batmobile right next to me on the way home from the grocery store. Its amazing the sense of safety knowing that a superhero is in your midst.

ST3: Rockstar parking. That’s right. First spot in front of Meiijer (its like a cousin of Walmart and Target) and it was right next to the cart return. Couldn’t be better. This was a wonderful thing after walking miles all around campus today. whew.

ST4: science lunch talk. Each week I try to visit my husband at work for lunch at least once. This has been so great since he works long days, and since I’m not working right now it can get a bit lonely. Today the plan was to make bagel sandwiches and eat in his building, but he forgot to mention he didn’t have any more lunch making materials, aka lunchmeat. So we trekked to Chipotle instead (YES!) and enjoyed a nice lunch together. He tried to describe to me how he makes a molecule and what he does with said molecule. It was so intriguing, I just wish I could understand it all…I just can’t believe he can do all of this stuff. Genius. Something with resin, binding, and amino acids. Too bad my high school chemistry class didn’t stick.

ST5: $3 concert. Tonight the husband and I are going to the Notre Dame Glee Club concert. My cousin is performing, and because ‘we’ are students, we got $3 tickets. Score! I just hope I don’t have visions of the TV show Glee dancing through my head. I love acapella music so I think I’m going to LOVE IT.

ST6: St. Joan of Arc. Laura and I are reading My Life With the Saints and this week was St. Joan of Arc. It was so nice to have a good phone conversation and talk about people who really know how to stand up for what they believe. She was a pretty strong woman.

Alright, time to finish making dinner and get ready for the concert. Thanks again for your comments. What is one small thing you saw today? Or one small thing you’re looking forward to?


One response to “alphanumeric

  1. Kathy says:

    Spent an absolutely fabulous Kansas Indian Summer day at the Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium watching our K-State Wildcats v. OSU. We lost, but who can compalin when you are outdoors enjoying the majesty of the weather at this time of the year? Beth had a wedding today, so we offered her two tickets to Kevin and Nancy, but they had Kirk’s Mud Bowl (Hey no rain this year. so now they can call it Beautiful Weather Bowl) I believe it was in Warrensburg. Eeryone was talking about the Notre Dame student who was photographing the practice this week. I’m sure your whole campus lifted him and his family up in prayer as we did. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to bask in God’s water color paintings in the sky? The drive home this afternoon was breathtaking. I know you’ll smile when you wake up tomorrow as you begin your brand new unchartered week of discoveries!


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