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on October 31, 2010

Frohe Spooktag! (Thats the way my German teacher said Halloween to us, meaning Happy Spook Day, which is not really German, but I digress) Here are the small things from this holiday.

ST1: Sweet Treats from Here is a link to some pretty awesome Halloween cakes. Enjoy.

ST2: Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach. We went to Mass in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on campus today and in addition to the priest mentioning Kansas City in the homily we were treated to one of my favorite Halloween-type songs after mass. I looked at the program and when I saw this song listed as a postlude I got really excited. It is one thing to hear a recording of this song, but its an amazing experience to hear it live! The whole church was filled with this amazing piece, I was definitely taken to another place. The organist was fantastic and I thank her for sharing her amazing talent with us today. Here is a video of the song–it is worth your time!

ST3: Lunch with Italians. Our friend Kristin from Wichita came to visit some friends here this weekend and stayed with us last night. She has a friend from Italy who is studying at Notre Dame so we met up with him and some of his friends for lunch. We ordered our food around 2 and didn’t leave until 5. I guess I shouldn’t expect any different! It was such a fun afternoon of cultural exchange. We learned of their frustrations with the English language and tried to explain how the college football ranking system works (which is hard an an American to understand!) It was a great reminder that I don’t know as much as I think I do. Thank you Italians for inspiring me to know more about my government and songs that have Kansas City in them. (One of the Italians knew the song ‘Everything is up to date in Kansas City’ and I failed to remember that song…he was proud to know more than I.) It was so nice to not have anywhere to go and just to sit and talk and learn about other people. I hope to see them again!

ST4: signs. I posted a while ago about a series of signs in someone’s front yard. They said “The legend begins”, “You can do it Coach Kelly” and “12-0” all referring to ND football. I saw it later in the season and the “12-0” sign had changed to “pray”. I drove by a few days ago and that sign yet again changed and now reads “Keep Praying”. This is on the same street that has a sign that says “Pets are family. Would you chain your grandma outside?” Oh I love this place.

ST5: text from mom. She sent me a text today saying one of the small things she noticed yesterday. It was that my youngest brother had a huge smile on his face after his marching band got 7th overall in the competition…and he gave dad a high five. How cool is that? Thanks mom for sharing that!

ST6: a ninja at the grocery store. A small child dressed as a ninja really thought he was one. He walked to the automatic door and did a karate chop, which then opened the door. Love it.

Alright, time to eat the candy that probably should have gone to children but will be mine now πŸ™‚

Scary Halloween to all of you πŸ™‚ What was one small thing you enjoyed about Halloween?


2 responses to “Spooktag

  1. Brook says:

    My Halloween was pretty chill…A couple little things – being able to stay in and get a bunch of stuff done before I fly to Vegas for work tomorrow, hanging out with Michelle a lot today, returning some shoes and NOT buying anything to replace them (yay for flexing that muscle!), seeing a picture of my cousin and his little girls and realizing how great I think they are, and, well, thinking about ninjas in the grocery store πŸ™‚


  2. Courtney says:

    I have many, small things from Halloween, here are a few. ST1, a small Barbie fairy dropped her candy bag on my front porch, not to get candy from me, but to swing on the porch swing. Later in the night, I saw her mom literally having to drag her past my house… All she wanted to do was swing!!! Let the poor girl swing.
    ST2: a sweet, sweet girl was the only trick or treater to ask me what I dressed up for Halloween. When I told her I was Gilly from SNL, her dad had an “Ah ha” moment and gasped, “You are!” It was pretty good.
    ST3: last one I swear, I had a tall kid, probably 12-14 years old wearing something similar to a hazmat suit, with the gas mask pointed at my “In Case of Zombie Attack” thing mounted on my house and gave me a thumbs up. Made my night that everyone really liked my Halloween decorations.


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