small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day

rufio rufio ru-fi-ohhh

on November 3, 2010

Here is a quick look at the small things for the past few days. Enjoy.

ST1: A child looked at me, smiled, and waved while we passed in a store.

ST2: I could walk to the place where I needed to vote. How convenient! Too bad I didn’t get a sticker 😦

ST3: Robin Williams trilogy. The past few days I’ve been inspired to watch Robin Williams movies. So it started with Mrs. Doubtfire, then Fern Gully and then Hook. Its amazing how I could be doing lots of other things but know exactly what is going on and perfectly quote lines. I just love that about some movies, especially these. What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?

ST4: One of my husband’s labmates relayed through gchat the story of goopy sealant leaking through the ceiling into one of their labs. Its great knowing that they keep me updated when my husband is busy. Let’s just hope this goopy stuff isn’t going to cause too many problems for them!

ST5: All Souls Day mass. Last night I got to sing with the choir for the All Souls Day mass. It was primarily filled with people who had recently lost a loved one and so the music was very solemn but at the same time hopeful. We sang the Litany of the Saints and I got to sing one of the verses. It was so nice to sing again! I also am beginning to get to know the members of the choir a little better, and one person even informed me that it becomes like a family, and I’m part of it! How cool. I am so happy it was this easy to get involved with the church, I’m loving it!

ST6: Pumpkin scones. I got another baking itch today so this is what I made. They’re pretty tasty, although I should have followed my mom’s advice with anything pumpkin: double the spices!

ST7: more babies to come! Another friend announced she and her husband are expecting a baby! I’m so overjoyed to have more small children to love. 🙂

So I leave you now to go make dinner and head to choir practice. I hope you all had a great day full of small things.


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