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what a deal

on December 9, 2010

Thank you for all of the comments and movie suggestions from yesterday. I am still taking movie suggestions because I still have lots of movie watching time left before Christmas! Please leave a comment, send me a message on facebook, or an email with your movie vote.

Today has been a nice slow day and the sun finally came out for a while! Woohoo. I’m sure I will still be driving on some snow packed roads for a few more days. Here are the small things for this Thursday.

ST1: Christmas movies on sale! I got 4 movies for $15. YES. Now I can watch Home Alone 2, Prancer, Deck the Halls, and Miracle on 34th Street!!

ST2: The movie Prancer was filmed 30 minutes northwest of where I currently live! Three Oaks, Michigan. As I was watching it today (thanks for the suggestion) I noticed the name of the town because we have driven through it to go to Lake Michigan. Pretty cool. And on a similar note, A Christmas Story was filmed in an Indiana town not too far from here too. It’s probably because they know there will be snow here. ha. ha.

ST3: a capella songs. I always have loved when people sing without instruments, so the show The Sing-Off is my dream come true. I think my favorite group so far is Committed. They are a gospel group venturing into a world of pop music, and they’re amazing. Plus one of the judges is one of my all time favorite musicians, Ben Folds. I’m pretty sure he’s a musical genius, and I love how he gives great musical advice to help make each group better. He actually knows what he’s talking about when he throws out technical words! This show is about the MUSIC and I love it. Here is a clip from the first show from the group Committed.

ST4: stickers. Two of the first graders I tutor gave me Hannah Montana stickers today. The reasoning? “We just want to be nice to you.” I’m so thankful for this job.

ST5: O Holy Night. This is one of the best Christmas songs, ever. I am working on my top 12 list of Christmas songs, inspired by my friends at and that list will appear soon. (They did a top 11, but I think I’ll have to add one more, mostly because I love the number 12) So for now, keeping the theme of a capella, here is one of my favorite versions of this song, sung by, yes, *Nsync. It is worth the listening time, I promise.

What songs do you think should be on my Top 12 Christmas Songs list?


One response to “what a deal

  1. Emily says:

    I should totally revise my list and add “O Holy Night.” I can’t believe I forgot it!


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