small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on December 19, 2010

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent! There is much anticipation in my heart as we approach Christmas in just 5 days! This weekend was full of small things that helped spread Christmas joy to me and to those around me.

ST1: Polish Christmas carols. I went caroling with some people from my church on Friday. We visited people who are home bound in our parish. It was so awesome to see their pure joy at hearing Christmas carols! One lady was at the door when we arrived and started singing a carol in Polish. It was so incredible to see how happy she was to share her talent with us. The only thing that would have made it better if we were dressed like real carolers way back in the day. Nevertheless it was awesome.

ST2: baby giggles. I was able to watch my friends’ baby while they packed and moved yesterday. I spent the whole day with this child and it was a blast. The giggles were the best!

ST3: A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s on HULU!!! I was so bummed because I’ve missed seeing it on TV so far, but after doing a search I found it. yes.

How have you experienced Christmas joy in the past few days??


2 responses to “joy

  1. Keith says:

    Well, Christmas joy came today when decorating cookies. I always drag myself there because it is tradition, but I really do enjoy decorating them.

    my ST about Christmas in Lenexa is the Sar Ko Par Park light display. It is a neat unique to Lenexa thing that I like every year.

    btw, Kirk BIT me today. Like really bit me, worse than Zander. I still have the marks on my finger. We were fighting over the sit on the couch and he bit me. Kirk bit me and it really hurt. and it’s still hurting.


  2. Grandma Kennedy says:

    My Christmas joy was having some of the grandkids here for cookie decorating Sunday. Was enjoyable to get to visit with them.


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