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just dance

on December 27, 2010

Yeah Christmas! The past few days have been very enjoyable. Here are the small things!

ST1: playing Just Dance for Wii. I didn’t know that holding a remote controller and mimicking a digital image of someone dancing could be so fun! The best part is, the more people, the better you look!

ST2: playing Big Bootie. Does anyone remember that game? Everyone who is playing has a number and you start a rhythm and call out a number, then that person then says their number and another person’s number. The goal is to become the Big Bootie by not messing up. This has provided a few hours of entertainment while riding in the car with Jonathan’s family. It brought me back to those middle school days where this game was a staple!

ST3: The Feast of the Holy Family. For the past 3 years I have spent this feast day with Jonathan, and each year we were at a different stage of our relationship. The first year we were dating, the next year engaged, and this year we’re married. I remember each year contemplating what my holy family would look like, and it is neat to see how God has gradually shown His plan to me each year. I hope that Jonathan and I can emulate the love and sacrifice of Mary and Joseph, through the suffering and the JOY.

ST4: The Saint’s Name Generator. I follow a blog called The Conversion Diary and today she posted that she made a website that generates a saint’s name for you randomly. She says that each year she gets a saint at random to learn more about and ask for their prayers for that year. Pretty cool! Here is the site. See what saint you get, and read a little about them! (I got Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro)

ST5: Sweet potatoes!!!

Today is a relaxing day of reading, playing games, and eating lots of leftovers. We leave tomorrow to head back to KC and I can’t wait to see my family and friends! Enjoy the peace of Christmas!


One response to “just dance

  1. Brook says:

    I got St. Jude Taddaeus 🙂

    Thank you by the way for your Christmas phone call. It totally made my day. Love you girl!!


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