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on January 7, 2011

Hello strangers! Wow it has been a long time since I’ve written. I hope you haven’t missed my ramblings too much! Visiting home was amazing and so many small things occurred that they just wouldn’t fit in even the longest blog post. Basically everything family and friends made my heart smile. (That means the joy went REALLY deep.)

Now my husband and I are back in the land of snow and back to work. These small things help me be OK with leaving KC.

ST1: My unknown nickname. I have been substituting for a computer teacher for the past 10 days and so I figured most students would know my name by now. As the 8th graders walked in this morning and I gave them a smile and a ‘hello’ one student said, “Oh! It’s Miss Kansas!” Now please don’t mistake his comment for meaning I’m the winner of a beauty pageant. I guess the only thing he remembered about me was my home state.

ST2: Christmas cards/photos. When we got back to the Bend our mailbox was full of Christmas greetings from many friends and family. I love how I have them all hanging out with me in the kitchen on our refrigerator!

ST3: spontaneous afternoon fun. Monday afternoon was spent with a friend from KSU who was visiting family up here. She showed me the wonders of unknown Italian bakeries and how to find $20 jeans. Tuesday afternoon was spent with a friend who lives here and her small child. We enjoyed Chipotle and good conversation while watching him scoot across the floor. I thank God for these gifts of friendship.

ST4: My Sister-in-law is engaged! Yeah! Her boyfriend proposed last night on the Plaza in KC. How romantic! Marriage is so awesome and I am excited that she will get to experience it in about 6 months. Cheers to her and my future brother-in-law-in-law. I don’t think that’s the technical term, but it sounds fun. Please pray for them, that they may continue to grow toward God through each other in their relationship.

ST5: New famousness. We have our own page on the Belltower Photography website! They redid their blog so you can go directly to our engagement session page and leave comments. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

What made you smile during the Christmas and New Year holidays?


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