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we don’t need a stinkin’ shovel

on January 9, 2011

Hello! Happy weekend! Today was another glorious snow day up north. Here are the small things from our two days of being covered in 12 inches (at least) of snow.

ST1: alternative shovel. After the snow had been falling for most of the day yesterday, it occured to me that we would need to drive somewhere eventually. I then realized that we don’t own a shovel. I was convinced my husband would have had one after living here for two years, but no. I figured we’d just deal with it on Sunday. Well, I woke up Sunday and turned to my husband and suggested we use an empty storage container as a shovel, then he said, yeah, i was thinking the same thing, only using the lid instead. So we dug hist car out using a rubbermaid storage bin lid. Who needs a shovel.

ST2: I caught my husband mid-spin as he was following me in the grocery store. His child-like demeanor always lightens my mood. πŸ™‚

ST3: high Scrabble score. Not only did I get my personal best score in Scrabble, 266, but I beat Jonathan too! Even with his first move 50 point bonus. So now I don’t hate that game anymore.

ST4:Crazy snow! Here are some pictures from our two day snow extravaganza. Check out all the rest on my facebook page.

ST5:More friend babies! That’s right, another friend told me through video chat today that she and her husband, along with their little daughter will be welcoming a new family member in August! The smiles on their faces when they told me were priceless. Please pray for them in their upcoming new journey!

ST6: we bought a shovel.

What is your favorite board game to play?

Until next time, ciao!


One response to “we don’t need a stinkin’ shovel

  1. Amy Walker says:

    Life! πŸ™‚


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