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roll the dice

on January 18, 2011

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post. Getting the notices in my inbox that someone commented makes me want to jump up and down and scream. You all help make my days brighter.

ST1: watching my husband and his friend play Just Dance on the Wii. They danced to Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’. I definitely had tears running down my face while watching. (brothers, do you remember YOUR dance to this song??)

ST2: rolling 3 sixes with 4 dice while playing Pirate’s Cove. With those three sixes it was 3 hits to my opponent’s pirate ship. Aye!

ST3: free vacuum! Thanks to gift cards to BB&B we now own a vacuum that actually works. Woohoo.

ST4: baby smiles. I accompanied my new friend to get her baby’s picture taken at Sears yesterday. It was hilarious watching her and the photographer try to get him to smile. Precious! He ended up showing his few teeth with big smiles while ‘reading’ a book by Aristotle. An added sidenote: her son and I are birthday buddies! Only about a 25 year difference!

ST5: I’ve read 3 books on my way to 50 this year in my GoodReads challege! If you haven’t signed up for a GoodReads account, you should, and then you should be my friend so we can share what books we’ve read!

ST6: friendly neighbors. I was deciding whether to just throw away our big vacuum box or make the trek to our recycling bin across the  complex. My conscience was screaming “go green” so I kept walking to go recycle. I was struggling to open the lid to the bin when a nice man who was on a walk came over to help. We then started a nice conversation about jobs and living up north. It was so exciting to meet a neighbor who not only helped me but engaged in a good conversation. He and his wife live close, so maybe we will encounter them sometime soon! Its funny how if I hadn’t walked the extra way to go recycle, I wouldn’t have had that fun meeting.

What is the best thing you have gotten for free? (Gift cards count)


2 responses to “roll the dice

  1. Keith says:

    Yes, I remember our dance. I smirked when I read that.

    The best thing I got free…Royals tickets…either the time I took M&D or the sweet tickets Dad got this year with the great food and leather seats.


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