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love day

on February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day. Before I met my husband, February 14th was a day where I pretended I didn’t need flowers and chocolates, and claimed it was single’s awareness day. Really I did want flowers and candy and to be swept off my feet, but for 24 years of my life I spent this day ‘alone’.

This day gained much more meaning in 2009. Jonathan and I had been dating for about 4 months when the 14th of Feburary rolled around. I told him that I had never received flowers on Valentine’s day, but I didn’t really need them to feel loved. So I really wasn’t expecting anything big, especially since we lived 600 miles apart.

That morning my family and I went to a bar mitzvah and then they dropped me off at my apartment to get ready for the rest of my Saturday. I go up to my room to change and as I walk in all I see are flowers. There were 7 vases on every inch of space in my room.


Of course I was completely surprised and at a loss for words. My roommate was in my closet with a video camera so he could see my reaction. (She also cleaned my room so his parents could deliver the flowers to a neat space).

My favorite part was the card. It said, “For all the times you should have gotten flowers.”

Be still my heart! I think at this point I should have known he was the man I was going to marry. Wow.

Fast-forward two years to Feb 14 2011. This was our first Valentine’s Day in the same place, and it was awesome. We made dinner together, talked, watched a movie, and just enjoyed being with each other. It made me realize that Valentine’s Day isn’t about the flowers and chocolates (although they are a fantastic bonus) it is about showing your love in a meaningful way. For us, making dinner and watching a movie together was enough. We both felt the love while sharing a blanket on the couch. (While watching KSU beat KU) 🙂

Happy (belated) love day!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?


6 responses to “love day

  1. Keith says:

    I spent it at the GREATEST GAME OF MY LIFE! Go ‘Cats!


  2. Anne O'Brien says:

    Nothing like a romantic husband!


  3. Jeyne says:

    I had two great moments on Valentine’s Day –

    1. My Mom brought me lunch at work; we enjoyed some much needed girl time with Chipolte and Diet Coke.

    2. Jameson and I are not really big on the whole Valentine’s Day, we believe everyday is special so, why do we have to make this one day along with eveyone else in the country mean something. We ordered dinner in and snuggled on the couch watching the KU/KState game, him watching, me falling asleep…dogs piled around. Love is in the air, everyday allday…make moments your own, they are yours for the taking.


  4. Kathy says:

    Watching the best bb game ever; and I couldn’t sit down. I was up yelling and cheering the entire time as though I was right in Bramlage myself! How exciting…. GO CATS! Love is in the air …… Love is everywhere…..


  5. Emily says:

    You two are cute beyond words. 🙂


  6. […] Our Valentine’s Day celebrations are really not too special. Well, there was one that was over the top, but that’s because my husband was still trying to ‘woo’ me. You can read about that here. […]


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