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dry jeans

on February 21, 2011

The small thing for today: dry pants.

Yes, those are my jeans hanging from a shelf. But the most important detail about this situation is that my pants are right in front of the heat vent! Why are the pants in such a strange place? Let me ‘splain.

In honor of Presidents’ Day (mostly in honor of not having to work) a few friends and I went out to lunch. Being the health conscious people that we are we decided to take the 10 minute walk to get to the restaurant. No big deal, really. It was a brisk 30 degrees with a brutal wind, but we could handle it!

At this point I still had dry jeans.

As we were eating we noticed the wind picking up and strange white particles falling from the sky. s.n.o.w. I thought we were done with this cold, white precipitation! We enjoyed watching the snow dance in the sky and find its home on the street. It was not as fun remembering we had to walk back in it.

We bundled up and braved the fierce wind striking our faces, trying to find ways to avoid walking directly into the enemy, but to no avail. With each step the snow became plastered to my jeans and covered my feet. It was not the most pleasant feeling.

Here is where a positive attitude can change everything. We were laughing, making jokes, and of course telling each other to ‘offer it up’ for those who may have to brave the cold longer than we did. And the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a long snowy adventure was wonderful.

So after spending too much time in cold, wet jeans, I really appreciate the warm, dry jeans I am currently wearing. Thanks to creative thinking, a shelf, and a nice heating vent.

What is one warm thing you can’t live without? Mine is dry jeans and hot chocolate! 🙂


2 responses to “dry jeans

  1. Keith says:

    Socks. I hate having cold feet. That would be why I am wearing one layer regular white sock and the other layer is wool sock.


    • Bernadette Kaplan says:

      I love my hot pad full of rice that Grandma made a couple years ago for Christmas. I heat it in the microwave before bed and sleep with it on my neck to keep me warm! I need the socks too!


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