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em ot klat

on February 23, 2011

Today’s small thing: a backwards conversation.

A normal happening in my day is an online conversation with my husband via gchat (instant messaging through google). Since he works in the basement of the engineering building on campus he gets no cell phone reception, so this is the best way to communicate.

Our conversations usually consist of telling each other what we’ve been doing. So I usually say, “reading, writing, or watching TV” and he says, “synthesizing peptides, running some tests using the MALDI or HPLC, or reading articles.” Then I ask what time he will be home, and then he gets busy and I go back to whatever it was I was doing.

This was our conversation today.

me:  hi
Jonathan:  ih
me:  how’s it going
Jonathan:  doog gniog sti
?uoy dna
me:  dab oot ton
tuokrow ym dehsinif tsuj
Jonathan:  ?og ti did woh  teews
?regnorts leef ouy od
me:  llew tnew ti
.regnorts tib elttil a leef I
elihw a ekat ot gniog sti llits
me:  uoy evol I
Jonathan:  uoy evol I

After staring for a while thinking he was going crazy cooped up in a basement with chemicals and lost all ability to type a coherent English sentence, I realized he was just having fun, making me read it like it was reading Arabic. From right to left. Have fun deciphering!

This just made my day. Not because we had a short conversation about my workout, but because this is a reminder that my husband is funny, creative, and always keeps me on my toes!

Did you have a fun conversation today? What was it about?



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