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on February 25, 2011

The small thing for today: my first hand written note from students as Mrs. Ashley

Yesterday I was the substitute for a fourth grade teacher and at the end of the day I was presented with this folded piece of notebook paper. It is amazing how much love radiates from a small piece of paper covered in a crayon misspelling. I’ve only been in their classroom two other times, but these kids were ready and willing to love this strange person impersonating their teacher.

Today I was a middle school social studies teacher, so I didn’t get any crayon covered notes. I did have a student give me a hug and say, “You’re my favorite” and another student said, “You are my favorite sub. The other ones are either old or boring.” I’ll take what I can get!

The most amazing thing about all of this is that these students barely know me. I haven’t revealed much about my personal life, or even my professional life. I have just been a supervisor while they work for a few days over the past few months. But somehow they have chosen to like me, and to show me that.

These students have truly blessed me, more than I will know. And all thanks to a small, crumpled sheet of notebook paper, stained with colored wax and mediocre handwriting.

What is the best handwritten note you have received?


P.S. Please say a prayer today for my dear friend Laura who is turning the eternal 29 today! Happy Birthday wonderful friend!


6 responses to “substuding

  1. Anne O'Brien says:

    I have received several very special handwritten notes over the years, especially from my children. The most recent was from a new friend who wrote to thank me for helping her sell concessions at a basketball game and telling me how much she valued our friendship. I was truly touched. It made my week.


  2. Grandma Kennedy says:

    I love all the handwritten thank you notes from my grandchildren.


  3. Mike Kelly says:

    My favorite handwritten note was from a Mother of two Wildcats (and maybe a third?) who coordinated a note from a team of soccer players called PowerRangers/Vikings/Pythons that described what kind of a coach I was to them. It let others know too as it hung in my office for years! Yeah, I was braggin!…..


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