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in the nick of time

on March 1, 2011

Today’s small thing: speed shopping

I have been watching the price of the card table we want for a few months. It was on sale a month ago but we didn’t buy it then. I looked a little later and it was not on sale anymore, therefore devastation hit. Would I have to cave in and pay regular price??

For some reason I decided to check again on Sunday and to my surprise it was back on sale! Score. So Jonathan and I got into the car and drove to the store, full of excitement about our impending purchase. We walked to the doors of the store and realized we had only 3 minutes until the store closed. Here is where I think we could have won the award for speed shopping! Remember the show Supermarket Sweep? It kinda felt like that.

We walked up the escalator to the home area, spotted the table and chairs, flagged down a salesperson, paid, and went to the pick-up doors all in less than 10 minutes. The sales people were so kind and helpful, even though we were ‘those people’ who were still in the store after closing.

When we picked it up we realized the box wouldn’t fit! So we spent a few minutes trying everything possible to get it to squeeze into my little car. Then in a moment of genius I suggested to just take it out of the box. Perfect! And the nice employee took the box to recycle for us. Excellent. Total time from leaving the house to getting back home? 30 minutes!

It was most definitely worth it. The table and chairs only cost us $4 thanks to a gift card 😉 Plus, speed shopping might be my new favorite sport. We both laughed about it on the drive home, replaying our adventure over and over. I am so happy to have such a fun person to share these small things with!

Here is our speed shopping prize!


What is your favorite thing to shop for?


3 responses to “in the nick of time

  1. Anne O'Brien says:

    Terry and I had a card table and chairs just like the ones you bought when we were newly married! Now 27 years later – we still have it! Good purchase.


  2. jepete says:

    I loved this post. You and Jonathan have so much fun together and it’s so inspiring. Life is picking up for me again, getting busy and I’m in the home stretch of becoming a Catholic at Easter Vigil! It feels so good! Lets catch up soon! Love ya!


  3. Emily says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOVED the show Supermarket Sweep! My list of game shows I wanted to be on goes 1) Jeopardy, 2) Supermarket Sweep 3) The Price is Right, and 4) Press Your Luck (No whammies, no whammies!)

    My sister and her friends used to play a variety of Supermarket Sweep at target. They would each fill up a cart of stuff for the other person, and the first person to put all the stuff back would win. Sounds fun, right? I never played, but they would be there having fun for HOURS. 🙂


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