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cells, planets, and a key change

on March 7, 2011

Today’s small thing: an amazing key change

I’ve been on a music kick this weekend, and Saturday was the culmination of a musical weekend. My cousin sings in the Notre Dame Glee Club and he told me about this amazing a capella group that was coming to Notre Dame. Needless to say I bought tickets months ago and we saw the show Saturday night.

The group is Chanticleer and they are nothing less than phenominal. 12 men, singing all ranges of notes, all without instruments. I can’t stop thinking about their performance.

Remember when I was a little obsessed with the show The Sing Off? This was the classical version of that show, but with professional singers and close to perfect singing. They sang songs starting from the Renaissance period through contemporary compositions. A few of the songs really transported me to another place, especially the song “Past Life Melodies” which sounded a little like a tribal song from Avatar and evolved into the sound of aboriginal instruments. I don’t know technical terms for what it was they were doing, but it was absolutely incredible. Their voices had perfect pitch, blend, and beautiful tone. Some of these men sang soprano better than I’ve heard some women sing.

So the small thing about this whole experience: a perfect, unexpected key change in the middle of the song “Cells Planets”. A key change is the part of the song where the song seems to “jump” or lift higher. The technical definition is the song changes from the original key signature to a new one. Technical or not, it is one of my favorite parts of music, and it makes me smile when I hear it, especially unexpectedly.

Thats what happened Saturday during this song, and I knew right then that I was in love, again, with music.

Please listen to this song to hear their amazing talent. If you just want to hear the key change, go to around minute 4 and listen for a minute. It might take your breath away, at least it did mine during the live performance.


Thanks for reading my musical rants as of late. I still need to hear from all of you!

What do you love about music??


One response to “cells, planets, and a key change

  1. Keith says:

    I never really connected with music. I just like it, but the other day I was in a slump and Colorblind come on my computer and it was just what I needed at that time. That’s what is cool about music.


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