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40 days Facebook free

on March 10, 2011

Here is a quick note…

I have decided to fast from Facebook during Lent. Here is a little of my reasoning. I feel that Facebook is really a great thing. I love reading up on the lives of  friends I don’t see or talk to anymore, but I’m still curious about their lives. I like seeing pictures of friends near and far and their growing families. I love sending little messages to friends and family members letting them know I love them.


I spend way too much time stalking people, not really in a creepy way, but I find myself wandering through my newsfeed looking for something ‘new’ or exciting that I HAVE to know. This time I use wandering is not very beneficial for me to better myself in my current situation. I find myself wishing I were in KC attending all the events my friends are or see wall posts with the new things going on there, and sometimes its too much. I can’t be constantly reminded that I’m not in KC and that I’m not with my friends there.

I need to live my life where I am and find joy in that.

So, I’m saying sayonara to Facebook until Easter. I will still be getting email updates from wall posts or messages, but I will not log on to respond, it’s too tempting. So if you want to let me know what’s going on with you, you can post on this blog or email me at

I’m hoping this time away from my ‘addiction’ will help me to grow closer to God,  my husband, and to nurture the relationships I have without relying on Facebook. This is already hard since I wanted to log on right after K-State lost to see what everyone was saying…ha…but I know that if I need to know it, the information will find its way to me somehow. It did before I logged in on Facebook years ago.

Anyway, I’d appreciate your support in this! Happy Lent everyone, may you find ways to draw closer to God and make you the best version of yourself.

(Sorry, that wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be!) Stay tuned for a few small things from today coming soon!


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