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frozen whisky and watermelon

on March 15, 2011

The small thing from yesterday: wishing my grandma a happy 80th birthday via skype

Living away from my family has been very difficult, but skype has made it a lot easier. It’s even better now that my grandparents are more technologically advanced than I am! (I loved watching my papa look something up holding his iPad. Awesome.)

Yesterday my dad’s mom turned 80 years young. Since my parents and one brother are visiting me this week we decided it would be fun to wish her a happy birthday together through skype. It was so fun feeling like we were there with her celebrating. Jonathan even broke out his newest homemade wine for the occasion.

My favorite part of the evening was discussing what we gave up for lent. Papa said he gave up frozen whisky and watermelon. Whisky doesn’t freeze and watermelon isn’t in season. Hilarious. The humor of my grandparents makes me smile. They are so vibrant and I love it.

Anyway, I needed to share that as I get ready to spend the day with my family doing who knows what…and Jonathan’s family is here too, which doubles the fun!

How do your grandparents make you smile?


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