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free chocolate

on March 17, 2011

The small thing from yesterday: free Ghiradelli chocolates

My family and my husband’s family were both in town visiting this week, so since we live so close to Chicago, we decided to take a day trip to the big city.

After a 2.5 hour train ride and some walking we encountered some friendly people handing out free chocolate!! And it wasn’t just one chocolate square, it was two. And it wasn’t just milk chocolate, they were filled with caramel! We all were in awe of this unexpected surprise and we walked down Michigan street with a new spring in our step.

Chicago was wonderful for many reasons: Chicago style pizza from Gino’s, walking around Navy Pier, the Disney and Apple stores, quality family time, and of course,

free chocolate.

What is something you have received for free?


Here are some pictures from our trip to Chi-town.


2 responses to “free chocolate

  1. Emily says:

    YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! WE should come visit you guys and go to Chicago some time. That would be epic. Pete’s BFF would probably tag along, but I have no doubt that Pete + Jonathan + Matt would have just a dandy little time together.


  2. jepete says:

    You look so great Kari! Just thought I’d tell you that 🙂 Happy weekend!


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