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soap suds

on March 19, 2011

The small thing from yesterday: bath and body works hand soap

Two of my sisters-in-law and I went to the mall to walk around and look at many things we wish we could by but can’t. We of course spent some time in clothes stores and tried on high heeled shoes. But most importantly we went to smell the soaps and such at Bath and Body Works.

As we perused the store we made sure to find the tester bottles of our favorite scents. I went straight for a bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. I put it on and the sisters followed. As we rubbed it in it felt a little sticky. We looked at each other with confusion then I thought to check the bottle. Oops. It wasn’t hand sanitizer…it was hand soap!

We started laughing a lot and decided to go find a bathroom to fix our sticky situation. The sales lady, probably annoyed at our loud distraction asked us if we were doing ok. I explained our predicament and she directed us to the in-store sink. Problem solved!

We laughed a while after that and enjoyed nice soft hands as a result of our (my) inability to read.

It was a good day.

What is your favorite scent? It could be a flower, perfume, or for me, RAIN.


One response to “soap suds

  1. Gina says:

    Blooming Alfalfa and any combination of raspberry and vanilla 🙂


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