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on March 23, 2011

Today’s small thing: A perfect mocha

I just realized that the past few posts have not only been about food, but they all have discussed Chocolate. Maybe I should have given up chocolate for Lent!

On days that I don’t get a call to substitute I usually have the urge to get out of the apartment and be around people. Since I don’t have many friends here, and the friends I do have are working, I end up spending some time (and money) at Starbucks.

Today I decided to have my old favorite, a mocha. I ordered from the friendly barista and waited with my macbook and journal at my normal table. When my drink was called I thanked the nice man and he said, “Let me know if it isn’t perfect.”

Really? He wants me to tell him if he didn’t do his job perfectly? Wow.

That got me thinking. Would I be able to tell people to let me know if what I’m doing isn’t perfect? Would I honestly be able to handle the responses? I’d like to think I could, but I’m not so sure.

I know that I love to hear when I’m doing things well, but I know I don’t handle it well when I have been told I need to be better. Instead of taking it as an opportunity to get better, I usually think about it for way too long and wish I could redo whatever it was. I also know that being perfect is impossible since we are human, not God. However, we should strive to be perfect… But really, the barista has it right. We should know when we need to improve so we can become the best versions of ourselves, even if it is really hard to hear!

It was interesting to hear such a comment after receiving a cup of coffee. I am now inspired to try a little harder to make what I do a little closer to perfect, so maybe one day I could be confident like the smiling barista I met today and say,

Let me know if it isn’t perfect. Oh, and my mocha was definitely perfect!

What do you think? Are you able to say this and be able to hear the results? How can we better prepare ourselves to hear that we need improvement? I’m interested in your thoughts.


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