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a new name

on April 10, 2011

Today’s small thing: being called Mrs. Jonathan

This weekend was filled with lots of craziness because it was a graduate student recruiting weekend. Students who were accepted to the University’s graduate program came in for a visit this weekend and Jonathan’s department was hosting those students interested in chemical engineering. Part of the visit is to have current students drive the recruits around, give them tours of the university, and of course entertain them…aka take them out to eat.

Jonathan, being the nice man that he is, volunteered us to attend the dinners so we could learn about the students and help them learn more about the school. It was fun to get to know these people who are about to make a big decision about the next 4 years of their lives. We ate at some delicious restaurants and enjoyed some good conversations.

It was really fun when they thought I was an engineering student as well, asking me questions and things about the school. I enjoyed informing them that I had nothing to do with the program, I was just married to Jonathan.

Apparantly I forgot to tell some people my name, so when one of them was introducing me to someone they said, “and here is Mrs. Jonathan.” Hilarious.

I loved this mostly because it felt different than hearing Mrs. with my new last name. This made it more personal! That’s right, I am Mrs. Jonathan. We’re married, we’re two people but one, and I love being connected enough to share his name. Awesome.

So if you feel so inclined, you may call me Mrs. Jonathan if you’d like. It’s just changing from having a girl’s name as a last name to a boy’s name. 😉 But it doesn’t change a thing about my relationship with my husband. It still rocks.

What is one of your  nicknames you secretly love?


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