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the anniversary of my birth

on April 13, 2011

Today’s small thing: birthday wishes

Birthdays are awesome. I want to shake the hand of the person who decided it would be a great idea to have a holiday for each and every individual once a year. It’s fun to have a day ‘all about me’!

We celebrate the day of our birth–the day we officially entered this world and began our quest to make a difference. How precious that gift of life is, and we celebrate it each year. Some of us with cake, some with a choice beverage (margaritas!!!), and most of the time with the people we love.

Today was definitely wonderful, but it was hard being away from many people I love. Getting phone calls, texts, reading the emails telling me people love me on facebook, reminded me that just because I’m not physically with all those people, I’m with them in spirit. It means a lot to me that people took a few moments out of their day to say they were thinking of me, and essentially they are glad I was born.

Thank you to my wonderful parents who, with God, allowed me to enter this world and feel immense love throughout these 27 years of life. What a true blessing it is to be able to celebrate birthdays, and I hope as each one comes and goes I will be just as happy to celebrate another year of life, even if that means I’m inching closer to 30. 😉

Here is a recap of my wonderful day:

-spent the morning at Mass and doing my workout

-enjoyed a free mocha because of a generous starbucks e-gift

-tutored some fun kids and received a hilarious gift from a co-worker

-received flowers and the perfect card from the husband

-played a softball game in which my husband had to almost push me home during his home-run hit. We replayed a scene from Rookie of the Year…haha

-husband made me a french silk pie along with a delicious dinner

-ended the evening playing a game and enjoying a good bottle of wine

Thank you to all who helped me celebrate my special day physically and spiritually from wherever you are. You all made my day perfect.

What do you LOVE about birthdays?


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