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story time sunday

on April 17, 2011

Today’s small thing: palm tree branches

Today is Palm Sunday. The day known as the celebration of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on his journey to the cross. Also known as the longest gospel reading of the year. My brother calls it story time, which I think is awesome.

The beginning of Holy Week means a lot for Christians in the fact that Lent is drawing to an end and Easter is almost here! (I can’t wait to get back on to Facebook!!) But more importantly its a chance to journey with Jesus as he suffers, dies, and becomes victorious over death. It is a chance to remind ourselves that even with our imperfections, with work and prayer, we can become anew…we can die and rise with Jesus. Pretty cool.

We sang a beautiful song during mass today. It was accompanied by a 10 piece orchestra and small bell choir. It was powerful. Music always moves me, and this was no exception. Especially since it was all live! As I was singing this song I was very thankful for all that I have been given in the past year, and I’m looking forward to this Holy Week to journey even more with Christ.


One response to “story time sunday

  1. Keith says:

    IT WAS STORY TIME! Probs one of my favorite masses. It is also so crazy when the whole crowd says, “Crucify him!” reminding us that we did that to him. Wow. Deep stuff. And everyone takes turns reading the parts. LOVE IT!


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