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dear diary

on April 18, 2011

Today’s small thing: an old journal entry

I am always writing. Whether it is on my blog or in my journal, each day I write. I have a collection of journals that begin on my birthday in 2002 through my entry yesterday. That’s 9 years of my life chronicled in composition notebooks. It all started with my friend Kayla in high school when she made my first journal, and now I make each new one as I need it. The awesome thing about keeping these journals is that I can go back through them and find inspiration from how I dealt with things in the past. I write little tidbits of information I got from a friend, or something I read in a book, and it is always there for me to go back to when I need it.

Today I spent some time looking in my journals, mostly to figure out the date when I went on my first Kairos retreat. As I was searching for this date I came upon an entry I had earmarked. This entry was a response to a study question from a book I had been reading. The book is basically learning about a woman’s soul in regards to relationships.  (Ladies, if you want the title, email me and I’ll give it to you.

The question I was responding to was this: In terms of a “deep and lasting attachment” to a man, what qualities are you looking for in him? My response follows in italics.

I want a man who is dedicated and committed. He sticks to his word, knows what he wants, and goes after it. A man who listens AND remembers, who isn’t afraid of asking in order to clarify. He communicates his needs and is willing to listen to and consider my own needs. A man who is vulnerable, yet emotionally sound. Faithful and true to me and to all people he holds dear. He is a man of faith–prays often, worships often, and loves others often. He is a servant, and he serves with joy, not with any ulterior motives. He seeks. Seeks information from other people to grow in relationship with them and ultimately to grow in himself and his relationship with God. He is patient, calm, sincere, compassionate, merciful…he strives to be Christ to others, and especially to me. 

The cool part is that I wrote this answer exactly a year before Jonathan and I started dating, which I think is pretty awesome. Especially since, amazingly, he really does fit all of the things I mentioned above, and more. Not perfectly, but pretty darn close.

I am so glad I took the time to write this in my journal. Now I can go back and remember why he was worth the wait.  So cool!

Do you have a journal? What do you like to journal about?


2 responses to “dear diary

  1. Josie says:

    I kept journals since I was in about 5th grade, but the thing is, I can’t go back. In order to “feng shui” it out of my life, I have thrown them away when a chapter closed and I went onto the next phase. I believe if it’s even in the house, it sticks with you. When I broke up with my previous bf or friends, I kept everything. It wasn’t until I thew them away did I know I finally had moved on. I use writing for the current moment. I’m even afraid to go back and read my blog, because I critique my writing and my views at that moment in my life. I used the journals because I had a need to get my thoughts out, to reflect and make myself whole again. As I gain wisdom, I want to go back and edit all my posts, and it drives me crazy!

    One thing I do keep: Bible quotes! Those are unchanging, never-ending, cyclical, and new each time I read it.
    Some songs I can never listen to again because it transports me to a specific time I would or would rather not remember. I don’t need them anymore. But the Bible is constant and I will need it and use it and teach it forever.


    • Kari says:


      You are so right about how keeping the journals can be like keeping the memories with you and not moving on. Sometimes I feel that way about my entries. I guess I like to see how much I’ve grown, and the things I learned but have forgotten and need to remember!

      I love making notes of good Bible verses. You have a realy good point that the advice from the Bible is timeless and applicable in all situations. I am going to make an effort to write more of those down!

      Thanks for the input!


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