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on April 19, 2011

Today’s small thing: frozen chicken nuggets

We tried out the self-cleaning cycle for our oven this weekend. Here is what our oven had to say about the experience…

Anyway, now that our oven is clean, we needed something to cook in it since it won’t smoke anymore! haha. ha.

I headed to the grocery store and had a craving for chicken nuggets. I could have gone through the drive through at McDonald’s on my way home, but I decided to go the cheaper route since, well, money is tight (and our oven was clean now).

As I walked down the frozen dinner aisles I saw many sale prices and gravitated towards the frozen chicken nuggets. Excellent. 30 ounces of chicken goodness for $4. I hope they’re good!

So I grabbed the bag, finished my shopping and headed home. I readied the oven and pulled out my serving of nuggets to place into the heated box of doom. They weren’t any normal chicken nuggets….they were dinosaur shaped!

Awesome! I felt like a kid again so of course I had to decide which dinosaur shapes I wanted to eat and arrange them perfectly. It was maybe a little too fun…

It was a nice surprise and brightened my day to have my own dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunch.

What was your favorite lunch as a kid? I liked triangle grilled cheese sandwiches in the SuperSnacker!


One response to “extinct?

  1. Ellen says:

    I have a bag of those dinosaur chicken nuggets in my freezer too! They make me smile every time. Glad you enjoyed them!


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